112 Friesian stallions through to Second Viewing

Foto: Johanna Faber

The week of the First Viewing in Riding School Gaasterland in Harich yielded invitations for the Second Viewing on Friday the 2nd of December for 112 young stallions.

Most sons for Tymen 503

A total of around 300 stallions were presented to the Stallion Inspection Committee, which consisted of Ellen van Gastel, Corrie Terpstra and Head of Jury Piet Bergsma. Ultimately, 35% of the stallions became Star, a similar number to previous years. The most-represented sire on the list is Tymen 503 with fifteen sons, followed hot on his heels by Teun 505, the bulk provider of stallions for the First Viewing. Thirteen Teun 505 sons received the green light for the Second Viewing in Leeuwarden in mid January. Ulbrân 502 comes in third place with eleven sons.

Damsire Beart 411

The ratio of the other sons is as follows: ten sons for Tiede 501, eight sons for Nane 492, seven Markus 491 sons, six by Menne 496, five sons for Tjebbe 500, Alwin 469 and Matthys 504, and four stallions are by Jouwe 485. Yme 507, who died this year, has four of his sons through to the Second Viewing and his age companion Willem 508 has two sons through.
With ten daughters who have become stallion dams, the influence of Beart 411 as a damsire remains significant. For another eight stallions we see the names of Norbert 444, Tsjalle 454 and Hessel 480 as damsires. Stallions from mare line 50 were the best-represented by their offspring in the First Viewing.

Kinship between 16.7 and 18.9%

The kinship of the young stallions ranges from 16.7% (an Ulbrân 502 out of a Fabe 348 mare) to 18.9% (a Matthys 504 x Alwin 469), with the average amounting to 18.1% and three stallions with a kinship under 17%.
This selection can start to prepare themselves for the Second Viewing in Leeuwarden on the 12th and 13th of January during the Stallion Inspection.

Totaallijst naar tweede bezichtiging

Complete list for Second Viewing

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