118-year-old sjees searches new owner

At Ronald Draaijer’s yard in Twijzel there is a fine antique sjees that is currently looking for a new owner. Also for sale are the matching Friesian gentlemen- and ladies’ attire, including jewellery, brooches and the golden cap brooch.

Number 15

This De Haersma de With Sjees, number 15 in the collection book of It Fryske Hoars, has been languishing unused in the Draaijer family’s barn. ‘Such a waste’, says Ronald Draaijer. ‘It would be so much nicer if it is used.’Which is why the Draaijer family have decided to offer the sjees for sale. ‘My father used to go driving with this sjees, but we have hardly used it so everything is still in tip-top order.’
The sjees and all accessories are accompanied with a taxation report which indicates that this is a classic Friesian sjees with an old-fashioned so-called ‘veldspoor’ meaning the shafts are fitted off centre to the right. The condition of the sjees is good, about ten years ago it was given a thorough paint-over and the leather parts were replaced.

For more information: Ronald Draaijer: telephone (31) 06 46173125 or r.draayer@upcmail.nl


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