Jorn 430 passed away

Foto: Ingrid Truijens

KFPS studbook stallion Jorn 430 (Fabe 348 x Feitse 293) passed away at the age of 17. He was known for his dressage talent and many championships that the Sport Elite stallion won with Ingeborg Klooster. He also left behind son and Grand Prix stallion Elias 494.

Low relationship, great attitude

Jorn 430 was born as Johan R. in the stables of Jappie and son Sjoerd Ruiter from Nij Beets. In 2006 he went through the Performance Test as a three-year-old, where he was characterized as a modern stallion with a lot of pedigree expression. An honest, reliable stallion who experiences the work as light, as the stallion was described. A stallion with a good attitude that was approved for breeding thanks to his low kinship. With about 900 breedings he had limited opportunities, but his dressage talent was undisputed. “He was super talented,” says rider Ingeborg Klooster who has worked with the stallion for the longest time and was eligible to start in the Grand Prix with him. “He was very eager to work and that sometimes made him a bit complicated. But that character trait was also his quality, he went through fire for me. The last year that I rode him we also had the best year because we understood each other. “They wrote many stallion championships to their name, but the rider has the best memory of the freestyle to music in Zuidbroek in 2013.” in place. He danced, I enjoyed it. ”

From stam 50

Jorn 430 comes from a dam line (line 50) that is full of Model and Preferente mares. Starting with his mother Anke R. Model (Feitse 293), then Ostara Model (Naen 264) who has already won the Central Mare Inspection. The third mother in a row is Ster Preferent Elsje (Meindert 263), a daughter of Xanthie Ster Preferent (Ritske 202). Then the ancestor the proven line 50: Namke Model Preferent (Nuttert 200). Jorn 430 was certainly not a “rope horse”, says Ingeborg. “At the Stallion Show he never showed himself well with all those people, the music and heat.”

From Jorn 430 to Elias 494

Besides Jorn 430, Ingeborg also rode the mare Maaike Brechtsje D. Kroon Sport Prestatie AA (Maiko 373). With the mention of Maaike Brechtsje D. the link is also made to Jorn’s famous son: Elias 494, who, together with Peter Spahn, fulfills an incredibly important role as ambassador for the Friesian horse. In addition to this Grand Prix stallion, the legacy of Jorn 430 consists of one Model, one Crown mare and six horses with the Sport predicate.

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