Online Judging course

The Judging Course is now also online available via a video presentation. The entire book Judging the Friesian Horse is dealt with in eight modules. This online course is available via MyKFPS → Member service → online Judging Course, and that makes it exclusively available for KFPS members.

Course based on book Judging

In this course Jury members Jolanda Slootjes, Wil Thijssen and Corrie Terpstra take you through the separate elements of assessment in eight modules. Wytske Schuth explains and clarifies the aptitude tests IBOP and ABFP. Sabien Zwaga has also worked hard to help create this online course. The videos can be followed in English on MyKFPS.
All information can be found in the book
Judging, which is available in four languages: Dutch, English, German and Spanish. The book can be ordered online via this link.

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Module 1: Introduction, breeding goal and breeding type

Module 2: Conformation

Module 3: Legwork

Module 4: Movement

Module 5: Scores, premiums and predicates

Module 6: Assessment of foals

Module 7: Linear scoring

Module 8: Aptitude tests IBOP & ABFP

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