3-year-old Liberti Star (Hessel 480) wins in Murrietta, California


October 14, 2022

At the inspection in Murietta on October the 10th, Jury members Willem Sonnema and Jolanda Slootjes chose Liberti Star (Hessel 480 x Meinse 439) as Day Champion. Star mare Violet (Michiel 442 x Gjalt 426) became Reserve Champion.

Liberti Star (Hessel 480)

From Studbook to Star

Liberti arrived at the inspection as a Studbook mare and made promotion to Star with a second premium. ‘She is youthful, has a noble head, generous poll and a well-shaped neck and abundant feathers’, is how the judges summed her up. The topline of the 3-year-old Liberti should develop more strength and the croup is a bit short, but shoulder conformation was good. Legwork is dry, she’s a bit narrow in the forehand, her walk was active and roomy with attractive use of the foreleg. Her trot showed rhythm and impulsion but she needs to move in a more uphill frame.
The 8-year-old Violet Star AA (Michiel 442 x Gjalt 426) did not get an invitation but was nevertheless chosen as the Reserve Day Champion. She radiates breed expression, has a noble head and a long neck that should be a little more vertical, Willem Sonnema and Jolanda Slootjes described her. ‘Her topline is good and the croup is slightly sloping. Her legwork lacks a bit of dry quality but has satisfactory overall stance.’ Violet’s walk was a bit short and rushed, however in trot she moved with long strides, a powerful hind leg and in a nice, uphill outline.

Benjamin (Monte 378 x Gjalt 426)

From A to AAA

The 6-year-old Benjamin (Monte 378 x Gjalt 426) – a half brother of Reserve Overall Champion Violet – struck it rich on the day. In his driving test he achieved a 82.5 score, including an 8 for both trot and capacity for transitions. With this score the Monte 378 son managed to upgrade his former IBOP score by an amazing 8 points and in doing so promptly obtained the AAA predicate. Later on at the inspection the 1.71 tall Benjamin also won himself a Star. ‘He demonstrated good posture in all paces and he was very nicely presented. His canter showed balance with good-quality strides. His walk was active, in trot he moved with rhythm and a fine front.’ Thanks to his positive body shape, good croup conformation and flowing topline with good connections, he was declared Star. The 4-year-old Hedzer Star (Norbert 444 x Tsjalle 454) was awarded a Star too. This stallion has an expressive head with vertical neck, a good topline, good shoulder conformation and a long croup with correct shape. The judges saw an active, somewhat short walk but with bend in the hind leg. The trot had satisfactory scope and showed bend as well as posture. A Star with a second premium was also secured by the 6-year-old gelding Courage Star (Julius 486 x Jasper 366).

Jolanda on Monte 378

At Friesian Focus the judges also got the opportunity to admire Monte 378. This Teunis 332 son out of Roos Boszorg Star Pref *4 (Hannes 296) is already twenty-six years old and still a picture of health! Jolanda was even so lucky to be allowed a ride in the saddle of this KFPS Studbook stallion, who does such an excellent job in California.





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