3-year-old stallion Hotte (Elias 494) Breeding Day Champion in Torino, Italy

De fokdagkampioen van Torino, Italie, Hotte van Rhauderfehn (Elias 494)


September 27, 2021

The Breeding Day Champion of Torino, Hotte van Rhauderfehn (Elias 494)

Italy’s new Breeding Day Champion is 3-year-old stallion Hotte van Rhauderfehn (Elias 494).


The judges at the Torino inspection in Italy on Saturday the 25th of September were Piet Bergsma and Willem Sonnema. They gave an additional clinic about assessment of exterior and movement. In the foal category there was a first premium for Rembrandt FF (Alwin 469 x Beart 411), owner Giulia Morterra: ‘Breed-typical colt foal with good uphill movement,’ Piet Bergsma commented.

Champion older mares

In the category older mares it was a Studbook mare who became Champion: Yeslinn van der Vaart (Gerben 479 x Rindert 406), bred by Mrs Van der Vaart and in ownership of Pietro Fernando Venturino. ‘A mare with lots of front and dry legwork but she lacked a bit of length in the foreleg. She demonstrated good use of the foreleg but the hind leg should be placed further under the body,’ Bergsma explained.

Stallion Champion

The 3-year-old stallion Hotte van Rhauderfehn (Elias 494 x Tsjalle 454) was declared Star at the inspection: ‘A stallion with a somewhat heavy build who needs more length in the neck. He walked really well and moved in a light-footed trot with good use of the hind leg.’ Hotte, bred by D. Bluhm and owned by Allevamento le Grand Noir, was Champion of the stallions as well as Day Champion.

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