312 entrants for First Viewing


November 10, 2020

A total of 312 young stallions have been entered for the First Viewing from Monday 7th through to Saturday 12th of December 2020. Full coverage of the First Viewing can be followed via livestream, the presentation on the street as well as in the cage. In the course of the week an order form will be uploaded onto the site for people to order a ‘hard copy’ of the First Viewing.

Adaptations due to Corona

The KFPS remains flexible to make sure breeding goes on in spite of all Corona measures. Hence we have come up with a few adaptations to make things run smoothly with regard to the First Viewing. One of these being that only a limited number of people can be present in the accommodation of the FCD in Drachten. So unfortunately, owners cannot attend.

Six full days of livestreaming

All six days will be fully covered by livestreaming on Phryso.com. Every day starts at 8.00 am. In the morning a batch of stallions (around 27) will be inspected on the street and in the cage. After that we take a generous break and in the afternoon this session will be repeated with the next batch of around 27 young stallions. The stallions will not be inspected in order of their sires. The arrangement will be done on the basis of training stables, again as a result of the restrictions in terms of people present.
The older stallions who are referred to the Second Viewing will give a presentation in ridden as well as driven work and classification of this group will be done in the beginning of the week.

Ordering catalogues

Although a digital catalogue will be available for this online First Viewing we also stick to our tradition of a ‘real’ catalogue. There will be a print version of the First Viewing catalogue too and this hard copy can be ordered via the website. The order form will be made available next week so that everybody can order their catalogue for the First Viewing as well as for the Stallion Inspection.


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