Fenway Foundation podcast with Marijke Akkerman

The Fenway Foundation produces podcasts under the name The Friesian Advocate, with Fenway Foundation founder Scott Kelnhofer and Angie Depuydt, responsible for education and research, as interviewers.

Podcast 2: with Marijke Akkerman

After their first introductory podcast about the start and good work of the Fenway Foundation, a second podcast has been published with KFPS director Marijke Akkerman. She tells Angie and Scott about current affairs at the KFPS, including the KFPS Breeding Conservation Research project, outcrossing, the stallion inspection regulations and the 2024 Stallion Show with the Jubilee Show.
The podcasts are in English.

Click here for the podcast with Marijke Akkerman

Click here for the first podcast about the Fenway Foundation

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