4-year-old Frigg (Nane 492) from Studbook to Star and Breeding Day Champion in Danish Ringsted

Kampioen Frigg af Fynbo (Nane 492) en reservekampioen Djynte fan ’t Hoogeland (Bartele 472) met eigenaren, juryleden en voorbrengers

October 17, 2021
Champion Frigg af Fynbo (Nane 492) and Reserve Champion Djynte fan ’t Hoogeland (Bartele 472) with owners, Jury members and runners

At the Ringsted inspection on October the 16th Helle Fynbo’s 4-year-old Frigg af Fynbo AA (Nane 492) went from Studbook to second-premium Star as well as Breeding Day Champion.

Star gelding

In a chilly and rainy but very welcoming Ringsted, judges Ester Reen and Willem Sonnema assessed twenty-one horses. Anne Walther Lange’s 5-year-old gelding Baint fan ‘e Lange Ekers (Jasper 366 x Brandus 345) earned a score of 79 in his IBOP Test. The expressive Baint was declared Star with a second premium at the inspection. The well-developed 2-year-old Kornel van Toftebro (Julius 486 x Alwin 469), owned by Birthe Mogensen, boldly walked himself to a first premium.

From Studbook to Star

Earlier this year, the 4-year-old Frigg af Fynbo Stb. AA (Nane 492 x Uldrik 457), owner Helle Fynbo, also completed an IBOP Test with 78.5 points. Frigg, named after a Goddess in Norwegian mythology, has a Crown Sport dam and former Breeding Day Champion Jotine van de Olde Mette Moate Model Sport AA (Nanning 374) is the granddam. ‘A very breed-typical mare, we could give her an 8.5 for breeding type,’ says Ester Reen. ‘She has a fine, fluent topline and an expressive head. She moved with long, ground-covering strides in trot and a satisfactory walk. For a first premium the legwork should have radiated a bit more quality.’ Frigg received a red rosette and the sash for the Breeding Day Champion.

An 8 for walk

The also 4-year-old Djynte fan ’t Hoogeland (Bartele 472), bred by J. Weterings and owned by Pia Frank, claimed the Reserve Breeding Day Title. Djynte is graced with generous feathers and showed a roomy walk and in trot she moved with a fine uphill outline in the withers. She was accepted in the Studbook as Star second premium which, in addition to Star, now also makes her dam Walsdame P.J. (Harmen 424) Preferent. Another Studbook mare was promoted to Star second premium: Monique af Skovvang (Beart 411 x Ulke 338) owned by A. Schmidt. Monique even won herself an 8 for walk in the IBOP, and showed the same quality in the in-hand presentation.

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