4-year-old Ilse Bouwina C. (Nane 492) Champion in California (with video Haike 482)

At the inspection in Hanford, California, America, the 4-year-old Ilse Bouwina C. Star (Nane 492 x Leffert 306) became Day Champion on the 13th of October. The Reserve Day Champion came from the same category: 4-year-old Gabrielle FF Star (Jisse 433 x Teunis 332). Both mares received a Star second premium from Jury Team Willem Sonnema and Jolanda Slootjes.

Ilse Bouwina C. Star (Nane 492 x Leffert 306)

Ilse Bouwina C. has an expressive head and a long, slightly horizontal neck. She has a good topline, the croup lacks a little length but has good conformation. This mare, owned by the De Boer family and bred by T. Clemens in Waskemeer, has a somewhat straight hind leg, but with good quality. The walk was active with satisfactory length of stride. The trot showed satisfactory bend and suppleness, but the mare should move more on the hindquarters.
Reserve Champion Gabrielle was bred by and is still owned by Nonning and Diana Leyendekker. Her head could be a little more expressive but she has a long, well-shaped neck. She lacks a bit of strength in the loin section, her croup is somewhat sloping. The hind leg is crooked but legwork is dry. The walk was very roomy showing good rhythm and bend. The trot was ground-covering and had suppleness but could be a bit more uphill.

Two Star stallions

The 3-year-old breed-typical Karsten fan Synaeda (Thorben 466 x Norbert 444) has become Star. This stallion, bred by Anke Oosterbaan out of Thyra fan Synaeda Crown AA, has an expressive head and lots of front. The back should be a little stronger and the stallion has a slightly downward build. The hind leg is a bit crooked but legwork is very dry. Karsten, who is owned by Osvaldo Gonzalez, displayed a walk with rhythm and scope. The trot was ground-covering and had suppleness but should be a bit more uphill.
The 3-year-old stallion Jannes (Norbert 444 x Jisse 433) has also become Star. He has a noble head, a little bit of a heavy head-neck connection, but the neck is vertical with a good crest. He also has a sloping shoulder, a good topline and a good croup. Jannes would benefit from just a little more length in the foreleg. His legwork is dry, slightly toeing-out and the feet should be slightly larger. Jannes demonstrated an active walk but must develop more length of stride. The trot was uphill with good suppleness.

Elegant Thunder and Roses

In the colt foal category Thunder and Roses (Teun 505 x Bente 412) was awarded a first premium and appointed Champion. Breeder/owner Annette Carpenter bred this classy and high-legged colt out of Marjet van de Slingenberg Crown Sport AA.
Thunder’s head shows satisfactory expression and he has a well-shaped neck with generous poll. Strength of the topline is satisfactory and the croup is long. The hind leg is a little straight with a long pastern, but dry. The walk was active with satisfactory length of stride. The trot could have been more ground-covering but he displayed good front and impulsion. There was another first premium for Torin (Haike 482 x Jisse 433) who went on to become Reserve Champion colt foals. Torin has a strong build, a noble head and good shape of the neck, also a strong topline but he lacks a bit of length in the foreleg. Stance and quality of the legwork are satisfactory. The walk was active with satisfactory scope but he should move more from the shoulder. The trot was a little rushed but he demonstrated impulsion and presented an uphill frame.

Champion colt foals: Thunder and Roses (Teun 505 x Bente 412)

A Haike 482 celebration

Haike 482 also provided the filly foal Champion. Tabbi FF (Haike 482 x Gjalt 426) is well-developed and longlined. She has a noble head with a long, slightly horizontal neck, as well as good topline and body shape. Her legwork is dry with a slightly small-angled hind leg. The walk was active but needs to develop more scope. She trotted with roomy strides with good impulsion and suppleness and uphill outline was satisfactory.
Half sister and stable mate Thea FF (Haike 482 x Doaitsen 420) received a first premium too. Thea is well-developed, has an expressive head and long neck that needs to develop more crest. The topline is good and the croup has satisfactory length, she is high-legged with good body shape. The walk was active and roomy. Her trot showed rhythm but she needs to rise more in the front.





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