A bit more positivity please

Traditionally, the start of the New Year is the time for good intentions. Some want to reduce their food or alcohol intake, others make plans to quit smoking. Carrying out these good intentions however, is subject to a variety of interpretations. Yet, early March is definitely not too late for good intentions. So in my capacity as Chairman of this wonderful Studbook I would like to suggest a more positive tone in relation to certain issues, from now on.
What do I mean by that … in spite of current restrictions the entire Studbook is in motion. Mid January the Second viewing of the young stallions took place and a total of 41 stallions are through to the Presentation Days. A day later we had the first-ever online edition of the Stallion Inspection. No one knew in advance if this would be accepted, let alone embraced. Thanks to the dedication of our staff and many volunteers it turned into a big success.
The continuation of the online activities became apparent in the past two weeks, thousands of people followed the six series of the online KFPS College Tour. In its wake we received many technical questions but also lots of positive remarks. Reason enough for a continuation.
Apart from this, other things are happening too. The Confidential Committee is working hard to find new Board members. Other committees are also carrying out their tasks: the Jury Body is getting ready for the new season. Moreover, the investigation into all affairs connected with the approval of Boet 516, which the Member Council promised to initiate, is now underway. Until the end of March we are also organising performance reviews with staff- and Jury members. There is movement and still, the number of people who are always negative about everything we organise, is not decreasing. Unfortunately, we keep seeing and hearing this via various communications on social media. I find it a good thing when people are critical. But people who are always negative or cynical, I do struggle with that.
Back to the notion about seeing things in a more positive light … I would like to talk with these people to explain things, to hear different opinions and points of view, but also to discuss certain issues. Concerned, frustrated and unmotivated members are not good for our Studbook. So a bit more positivity would not go awry.

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