A scoop: first breeding values for character presented at regional meetings

Starting this week the nine regional meetings of the KFPS are on the agenda. At these meetings the first breeding values of KFPS stallions will be presented. Since 2013, the rider team has been scoring 18 character-related aspects in ABFP Tests. These data were analysed this summer and the first breeding values for stallions have been processed. As it turned out, there is quite a bit of overlap between the 18 characteristics so that initially 4 (combined) characteristics for breeding values can be presented: dependability/reliability, trainability/workability, work ethics and stamina. This makes the KFPS one of the first studbooks in the Netherlands to calculate and publish breeding values for character aspects. On the one hand, the aim is to ensure that the reliable character for which the Friesian breed is so well-known, remains intact and for the other to further improve the trainability of the Friesian horse for the purpose of the sport.
In the regional meetings the Breeding Council will explain a new method to calculate Preferent status for stallions and will present a motion to link results of aptitude tests to predicates. The Inspection will look back at the 2019 inspection season.

In addition to the ‘routine’ subjects, a number of motioned amendments in Statutes and Byelaws will be presented. These motions have emerged from the three work groups, consisting of the various KFPS bodies, which were instructed to discuss possibilities for further consolidation of the society.

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