A week of First Viewing in Harich results in 97 stallions

Foto : Johanna Faber.

Five days of judging young Friesian stallions during the First Viewing in Harich resulted in 97 invitations this year for the Second Viewing in January. There were many “old acquaintances” among the fathers of the stallions to be inspected, but also a few new names, whose first offspring were inspected.

Alwin 469 purveyor for the next round

With 17 stallions, Alwin has 469 the most offspring through to the second round. His son Tiede 501 proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, with 11 stallions from his first year of offspring. Ulbrân 502 his first offspring offered a total of 10 stallions, as well as Jurre 495. Both Tjebbe 500 and Jehannes 484 had 8 stallions invited and Tymen 503 saw 6 offspring selected for the Second Viewing.

Click here for the complete list of stallions that have made it to the Second Viewing:

List of all stallions invited FV 2021

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