Aarnold 471 Sport Elite moved to Sweden (with video)

The KFPS Studbook stallion Aarnold 471 Sport Elite is sold to the Scandinavian friesian horse center Aftonmora Friesians, based in Sweden. The son of Wikke 404 moved this past weekend from Handels- en Exportstal Heuker to Aftonmora.

Sixth KFPS Studbook stallion

Aarnold 471 is the sixth KFPS studbook stallion at the moment available through Aftonmora Friesians. “We’ve had a crush on Aarnold for some time,” says Sandra Sivertsen from Aftonmora about the recent purchase. The 13-year-old Aarnold 471 showed himself very well during the last Stallion Inspection, with an excellent presentation from which he earned a place in the championship inspection for the older stallions. “He fits very well with the Aftonmora breeding program: his talent for dressage, his smart and friendly character, his excellent upward built frame and his low kinship. All these qualities are important for us in our own breeding and when we look at suitable stallions for the Scandinavian market.”

Neighbors Tymon 456 and Sipke 450

Aarnold 471 is in good company with his new neighbor Tymon 456 and Sipke 450 who is also in the stallion station in Jonstorp, which lays about eight hours’ drive from the Netherlands. The other three stallions are stationed in the Netherlands, Siert 499 is with dressage rider Lisanne Veenje and Mees 497 and Alke 468 at Stal Henswoude. “It is important for these stallions to also continue their developments in dressage”, says Sandra Sivertsen.

Sport, character and low kinship

“With Aarnold we have stallions of different bloodlines available,” says Sandra, who indicates that the market in Scandinavia is not yet very large. “We see that it is important in particular for breeding of Friesian Horses in Sweden, that we have access to good quality KFPS stallions that are located in the country. We want to make it uncomplicated for people to breed their mares with KFPS studbook stallions, to keep up the quality of the breed and to make them choose approved stallions. We also have a good position to ship semen to the rest of the Scandinavian countries, and to welcome mares to our station.” With Aftonmora’s offering, quality is within reach. “Of course, all KFPS studbook stallions are top quality horses, being approved through such a long process. Then it is important to find the right match to your mare. This is why we want to have a few different options and blood lines available, we have to think about breeding in a long-term perspective.”

Future for Friesian dressage horse

Sandra also sees a future for the Friesian horse in sports. “The Friesian horse quite often has to deal with the image of being a heavy draft horse here. We show that you can ride subtop dressage with Friesian horses. And that such a Friesian horse has a smart and easy character which is therefor also a nice family horse. The demand for Friesian horses will increase in the future”, Sandra estimates. “KFPS is doing a great job with the breed. We want to support this and do what we can to help build the international growth with high quiality for sports.”


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