Agenda KFPS College Tour

Below you will find the agenda of the KFPS College Tour. The evenings start at 8 p.m. and can be followed live via youtube and The English subtitles of these evenings will be online two days after the College Tour.
You can ask questions during the livestreams via . The Q&A will be published afterwards.

Tuesday February 9: How do we select our stallions and mares for breeding?
Breeding values ​​occupy an increasingly important position in the breeding of Friesian
horses. This lecture explains what breeding values ​​are, how they are calculated
and how breeders can use them. Speaker: Ids Hellinga.

Thursday February 11 Inbreeding and kinship: how do we deal with this in breeding?
Inbreeding and kinship are important concepts in closed breeding
Friesian horse. This lecture explains exactly what inbreeding and kinship is and
what the differences are between the two. And also an answer to the question: how can I use it in the breeding. Speaker: Ids Hellinga

Tuesday February 16 How do I assess my mare? What do I pay attention to to make progress in breeding?
Assessment of your own horse is of great importance in the choice of the stallion. In this
lecture explains what we pay attention to in breeding. Speaker: Sabien Zwaga

Thursday February 18 How do I make the right choice of a stallion?
What are the points for improvement of my mare and how do you determine the right one?
stallion choice. With the help of the KFPS site, explanations are given to choose the best
choice. Speaker: Sietske Oosterbaan

Thursday, February 25 Fokkerscafé: Stable with breeders!
Breeders café in the stable on all the above subjects. Breeders tell themselves
what choices they make in breeding and enter into dialogue with each other. Moderator: Alice Booij

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