Agenda KFPS College Tour II

Because of the great success of the KFPS College tour, we started to continue the colleges. Below you will find the agenda of the KFPS College Tour part II.  The colleges will be placed at You can ask questions via . The Q&A will be published afterwards.

Week 11: Common foal diseases 
What should you pay attention to in the newborn foal and what are the most common foal diseases.
Speaker: Veterinarian Berit Boshuizen

Week 12: How does it work with Embryo Transplantation?
ET is being used more and more often, what do you need to know as a breeder to realize this.
Speaker: Veterinarian Karin Hendriks EQ Repro Consultancy

Week 13: Preparation for the inspection season, how do I prepare my horse for inspection
What can I do to prepare my horse optimally for the coming inspection season

Week 14: Everything about the aptitude tests: IBOP and ABFP
How can I best prepare my horse for the aptitude test and what is assessed
Speaker: Wytske Schuth

Week 15: How does it work with predicates and which one is when awarded Explanation about the different numbers and predicates and how this is stated on the studbook paper
Speaker: Sabien Zwaga

Week 16: Breederscafé: Stable with breeders!
Breeders café in the stable on all the above subjects. Breeders tell themselves
what choices they make in breeding and enter into dialogue with each other.
Moderator: Alice Booij

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