Aguila (Tsjalle 454) from Studbook to Crown and Champion in America

Algeheel kampioen Aguila fan Black Pearl Kroon AA (Tsjalle 454) en reserve kampioen bij de merries Tjaitske E Ster (Tsjalle 454).


October 5, 2022

Overall Champion Aguila fan Black Pearl Crown AA (Tsjalle 454) and Reserve Champion mares Tjaitske E Star (Tsjalle 454)

At the inspection in Custer (Wisconsin, America) on the 4th of October the 6-year-old Aguila fan Black Pearl Crown AA (Tsjalle 454 x Fabe 348) became Crown and Overall Champion. The mare, who’s owned by Tiffany Reyenga-van der Kooi from Black Pearl Friesians, came to the inspection as a Studbook mare, where she made a huge promotion also thanks to her IBOP driving test where she totted up 80.5 points. Aguila is a daughter of the Model Sport Elite AAA mare Jildou fan ‘e Boppelannen (Fabe 348 x Jillis 301), a half sister of Grand Prix horse Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen Sport Elite (Beart 411).

Gelding Jaky Reserve Champion

The Reserve Title was for the Champion geldings: Jaky fan North Star (Thorben 466 x Sipke 450), owned by Lana & Megan Markey. This 3-year-old gelding received a Star with a first premium.

Overall Champion Jaky fan North Star (Thorben 466 x Sipke 450)

Aguila took part in the category 4-year- and older Studbook mares where two more Stars could be awarded. The 6-year-old 1.72m tall Cilla van het Binnenveld Star (Epke 474 x Ouke 313) earned an 8 for walk. And then there was Iconic fan Pitch Black Star (Jehannes 484 x Fabe 348) who was awarded an 8 for breeding type and an 8.5 for her trot, but for a first premium should have been more convincing in her walk.
Champion Aguila found the 8-year-old Tjaitske E Star (Tsjalle 454 x Ulbert 390), owners Fernando and Nick Horowitz, at her side as her Reserve Champion. The Star mare was bred by the Emmens family and the Jury team gave her an invitation for the next round. Her 8 for breeding type and walk were convincing, for promotion to Crown she should be stronger in terms of conformation.

Six Foalbook horses Star

The 4-year- and older Foalbook mare category yielded four Stars with a second premium.

The 5-year-old Delores from Black Earth Star (Julius 486 x Wander 352) and the 4-year-olds Isabeau Star (Tjalbert 460 x Teade 392), Goeleke SP Star (Bikkel 470 x Wytse 462) and Gianni van Imperial Reign Star (Alwin 469 x Jorrit 363). There were three Stars second premium in the 3-year-olds: Janneke fan North Star Star (Thorben 466 x Sipke 450), Kaatje van Imperial Reign Star (Alwin 469 x Olof 315) and Leny fan North Star Star (Hessel 480 x Sape 381). In the stallions 3-year-old Kor fan Black Earth Star (Thorben 466 x Wander 452) earned himself a Star too.

Three orange rosettes for the foals

Three foals from the foal category went home with an orange rosette. Colt foal Thyrus fan Mystique Royal (Teun 505 x Norbert 444), owned by Scott and Tamera Julius, comes out of Thyra fan Synaeda Crown AA (Norbert 444 x Beart 411). In the fillies the first premiums were for Tess fan Black Earth (Tsjalle 454 x Wander 352) and Vereen Rose (Thorben 466 x Jorrit 363), the latter scoring an 8 for her trot. The Youngster category resulted in two first premiums for yearlings Rena fan North Star (Jehannes 484 x Sipke 450) and Saar van Lovblad (Wybren 464 x Bene 476).

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