Alke 468 in Sweden (with video)



November 15, 2021

Since last year the low-kinship Alke 468 was already owned by Swedish Aftonmora Friesians, but last weekend the stallion was in actual fact moved to Scandinavia. ‘After one stud season in the Netherlands we decided to relocate him to Sweden so that he can be used for breeding in Scandinavia next year’, Sandra Åhs Nilsson from Aftonmora explains. ‘But we run an EC-certified station so he remains available for the Netherlands as well as for other countries.’

Available for the Netherlands

The Fabe 348 son with his low kinship percentage of 15.7% did not serve that many mares in the Netherlands, Sandra states. ‘A pity really, that’s why we also want to point out that he remains available for Dutch breeders, just like our other stallions by the way. We expect Alke 468 to become really popular in Scandinavia because of his special assets: his low kinship, character and breeding type for instance.’

Low kinship

With Aarnold 471, Mees 497 (stabled in Peter Spahn’s yard), Tymon 456 and Sipke 450, Aftonmora has placed high stakes on low-kinship stallions. With 18% Tymon 456 has the highest kinship, with 15.7% Alke has the lowest. Aarnold has a kinship of 16.8%, Sipke 450 17.5% and Mees 497 has a 17.7% kinship. ‘A fine package to offer the breeders in Scandinavia. Several bloodlines with a low kinship, fine type and aptitude for the sport.’

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