Always room for improvement!

A year ago we were forced to cancel the Friesian Proms as well as the Central Inspection and the Stallion Inspection 2021 could not go ahead in its usual form. Every single day we hoped for the end of Covid-19. But a year later we’re still faced with this pandemic and all its inherent restrictions. After the well-received online Stallion Inspection and the KFPS College Tour we decided early this year to kick off the inspection season with inspections on location, to be followed by breeding days from July onwards. After creating opportunities for video assessment of riding tests at the onset of the season, the competition season is now back in full force. We have to consider that fifty percent of our members live outside the Netherlands and we need to take them into account too. The array of restrictions that are in place makes travelling difficult for our Jury. On top of that there is the health risk to keep in mind. But here too we have a found a way to prevent breeding in the countries outside Europe from falling apart.

Central Inspection

In the third week of September the Central Inspection goes ahead in Harich and we are confident this event will be received very warmly. Writing this down and reading it is all too easy, but precious few people have an idea about all that is being done behind the scenes to facilitate the Central Inspection. Non-uniform sets of directives, some of which even vary between councils, require considerably more organisational talent and time. I see how many volunteers within our Studbook, members of the breeding chapters and other volunteer groups all contribute to this and that fills me with great respect. I can say with pride that our staff as well as all bodies give their best. That pays dividends in the shape of the many suggestions we receive, because we depend on the information from the field to keep making improvements. I have to point out though, that information and facts that reach us anonymously are useless to us. Our priority is listening to all parties involved, which is why we will not act upon anonymous information in the future. The same applies to everybody who tries to discredit our Studbook organisation via social media, Jury members or any matters that involve us. What is the purpose of these kind of attacks? Is it purely for the sake of getting attention or generating sentiments? True, there is always room for improvement. There is still a lot of work to be done but we are on the right course. I hope to see you all in Harich!


Detlef Elling Interim Chairman KFPS

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