Appeal: to enter stallions with different bloodlines for the First Viewing

The KFPS issues an appeal to stallion keepers and owners to also enter stallions (between 2½ and 5 years old) for the First Viewing that have the potential to make a contribution to more variation in bloodlines within the population. The aim is to approve a greater variety of stallions in a bid to take a first step towards a wider genetic population.
This concerns low-kinship stallions as well as stallions from sires that are less popular. The most ideal situation would be that every Studbook stallion produces at least one son in order to inject more diversity and new blood into our population. Please consult the attached diagram for a list of all stallions without an approved son.

Broader genetic basis

It is clear that over the last few years a number of sires – and their sons and grandsons – are becoming increasingly more influential. This is a tendency that has been apparent for a while already, but it has gained a lot of momentum especially in recent years. The implied risk translates into a narrowing of genetic diversity within the population over the next few years and an unwanted increase in the rise of inbreeding.
This is something which is endorsed by Dr. Ir. Bart Ducro from Wageningen-UR. Bart Ducro
advises and assists the Breeding Council with the breeding policy. Both Bart Ducro and the
Breeding Council recognise enough potential within the current population to engineer a
sufficiently wide genetic base in breeding. Hence the appeal to also enter stallions with a variety of bloodlines, both on the maternal as well as on the paternal side. The Stallion Inspection Committee would like to see offspring by as many sires as possible take part in the First Viewing.

Usual procedures

Entered stallions will have to go through the usual stallion selection procedures. That means they should not only be Star-worthy but also have to meet all other (veterinary) requirements in order to secure a selection for the Central Examination. The aim for the coming years is to approve more stallions, including stallions that have added value for outcrossing in terms of bloodlines.
Entering stallions for the First Viewing can be done via MIJNKFPS and is possible until (including) the 30th of October.

Hengsten zonder goedgekeurde zoon
Sape 381
Bente 412
Brend 413
Eibert 419
Fridse 423
Haitse 425
Jesse 435
Mewes 438
Maeije 440
Maurus 441
Michiel 442
Tjalf 443
Sjerp 446
Stendert 447
Sake 449
Sipke 450
Sjouke 453
Take 455
Uldrik 457
Tonjes 459
Tjalbert 460
Wytse 462
Wylster 463
Wybren 464
Wolfert 467
Alke 468
Bikkel 470
Aarnold 471
Djoerd 473
Epke 474
Bene 476
Date 477
Fonger 478
Gerben 479
Tjaarda 483
Julius 486
Walt 487
Erryt 488
Eise 489
Meinte 490
Markus 491
Omer 493
Elias 494
Jurre 495
Menne 496
Mees 497
Rommert 498
Siert 499

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