Audience favourite Alwin 469 Preferent (with video)

Huldiging Alwin 469 Preferent KFPS Hengstencompetitie 2022 © Digishots

The audience favourite of the Stallion Inspection Alwin 469 Sport AAA has proven himself as a sire of inspection- and sport horses and from the moment of the Stallion Inspection 2022 is entitled to flaunt the Preferent predicate. ‘This is the jewel in the crown for us’, says co-owner Jaap van der Meulen.

Model daughters, sons, owners and breeders

Flanked by two Model daughters, Sanne TT Model Sport AA – with Nienke Schrale in the saddle – and Valentina fan ‘e Ridderdijk Model Sport AAA – in front of the carriage with Henk Hammers – , his approved son Tiede 501 and grandson Hilbrand 525, this was the moment supreme for paying tribute to Alwin 469 and his Preferent status. Naturally, also at his side we find his breeders Berend and Lutske Brouwer from Zandhuizen as well as his owners Jaap van der Meulen, Jan van der Broek and Freerk de Leeuw, the latter being represented by his daughter Tineke Friso.
The strict but fair ‘Aise Bouma formula’ has revealed that Alwin 469 Sport AAA can now call himself Preferent. The 14-year-old Alwin 469 was bred by Berend and Lutske Brouwer from Zandhuizen who were also present at the tribute.

Star percentage of 68 %

Alwin is a Felle 422 son out of Star mare Waldiena B.L. who herself is a Preferent Tsjerk 328 daughter out of the Preferent mare Jildou fan Vriesburg (Oege 267). With four Model mares, sixteen Crown mares and a Star percentage of 68% Alwin 469’s breeding results really fire one’s imagination. With eleven offspring having earned the Sport predicate and six horses having risen to triple A status, the Alwin progeny also stand out in the sport. And with his sons Tiede 501 and Dedmer 519 as well as grandson Hilbrand 525 his succession has been secured. With over 180 stud services on his book in 2021, this brand-new Preferent stallion can still boast plenty of fans too.

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