Auwert 514: Good-looking and breed-typical star in canter

He is the first approved son by Jehannes 484 (Tsjalle 454) and was the best of all six stallions who successfully passed the Central Examination of 2019: Auwert 514. A talented stallion with heaps of aptitude under saddle and in front of the carriage. His lineage from a predicate-rich dam line with as many as five stud stallions, is pretty impressive.

Pedigree 25

The 5-year-old Auwert 514 (Jehannes 484) comes from one of the most successful mare lines of the KFPS: pedigree 25. This pedigree is the second-biggest (after pedigree 50) and best-developed mare pedigree of the Studbook and includes a remarkable number of Preferent mares and approved stallions, like Eelke 183 (Obscurant 150), Mintse 384 (Leffert 306) and Norbert 444 (Tsjerk 328). We pick up the thread of this pedigree in 1983 with the breeding stud of the late Gerrit van der Horst from Oosterwolde.
He bred the Star Preferent Ella (Naen 267) out of Studbook mare Pollie. She became Preferent on the basis of her first five offspring who were all sired by Oege 267 (Wessel 237). One of them is Pauwliena Star Preferent. In 1991 she received a first premium at the Central Inspection in Leeuwarden when she was a 2-year-old and a year later became Reserve Champion 3-year-olds at that same inspection. She was described as a mare with ‘a rich model who trots with power and high off the ground.’ In 1997 Pauwliena was sold to Huug van Dijk. This was not a coincidence, because a year earlier Van Dijk had purchased Pauwliena’s first offspring: the then 4-year-old Berlinda H. Star Preferent (Leffert 306). At that time 4-year-old Berlinda was in foal by Sierk 326 (Ygram 240). When that foal was six months old Van Dijk was looking for a buyer, but ‘People didn’t offer enough money. So this colt foal stayed. A few years later I took it to the Stallion Inspection and he was approved as Sibald 380. Man, what an experience!’

Twelfth foal

Berlinda H. became Preferent while in Van Dijk’s possession. Her third foal is Wijnanda D. Star Preferent AAA (Folkert 353) who became Auwert 514’s granddam. ‘She was so gorgeous and trotted fantastically! Although I had several chances to sell her for a very substantial sum I insisted on keeping her.’ In 2004 Wijnanda D. scored a stunning 86 points for her IBOP driving test. This year she gave birth to her twelfth foal: Max, a son by Maurits 437 (Ulbert 390). When this foal was six weeks old Wijnanda died of colic. ‘Again, this colt foal is such a beautiful horse that I have already exclaimed that maybe I have another future Friesian stud stallion.’
Wijnanda is the dam of the excellent Gerlinde D. Preliminary Crown (Andries 415), who is Auwert 514’s dam. ‘Gerlinde D. could trot incredibly well but I sold her anyway. Being a trader I also want to make a sale from time to time.’ Van Dijk describes the horses he knows from Auwert 514’s dam line as ‘eager to work with golden characters and rock-hard legwork.’ In 2013 Anthon Kranendonk bought the 3-year-old Gerlinde D. from Piet Sibma without having seen her. Well, not totally unseen that is, because a year earlier daughter Thessa Kranendonk had seen Gerlinde D. at the inspection in Hilvarenbeek, where she became Youngster Champion at the age of two. ‘She left a great impression on me and outclassed the 3-year-olds’, Thessa says. Aged four she received a first premium in Kootwijk and was declared Preliminary Crown at the Central Inspection. About eleven years ago Thessa and her father jointly founded a successful breeding stud under the name of Van het Donckse Hof. The Kranendonk family decided to sell Gerlinde D. to an American lady in 2017. ‘We were offered a good price and sold her when she was pregnant with her third foal. Afterwards we have always somehow regretted selling her a bit because really, she was such a nice mare. Gerlinde’s first two foals were born here in our yard. One of these was Aise van het Donckse Hof, which is Auwert 514’s birth name, a son by Jehannes 484. Thessa: ‘We chose this stallion because Gerlinde needed a bit more length in the foreleg and a little more class. She was also slightly weak in the back and we thought Jehannes 484 could improve these aspects. We knew right away that Auwert 514 was a very special foal. Clever, an easy and supple mover and good contact manners too. The funny thing is that when we took him to the foal inspection I remember saying to my father that we should absolutely not sell him. He was given a first premium there and we were instantly surrounded by five men who wanted to buy him.’ That’s how Auwert 514 came to live at stallion station De Nieuwe Heuvel.

Moved to Canada

The 10-year-old Gerlinde D. moved to Jack Vanderkooy in Canada in 2020, not far from Thessa Kranendonk’s new home. In the assessment report Auwert 514’s exterior is described as very breed-typical, he is longlined with a strong topline and his legwork radiates quality. In terms of movement he has a good attitude, is very keen to work with lots of go and is easy to train. He should develop a bit more length of stride in walk but in trot he demonstrates good movement technique. The ever so important hind leg is placed powerfully underneath the body showing ample flexion in the hock joint.
With 81 points for the riding test, 82 for the driving test and a grand score of 86 for the showdriving test Auwert 514 has shown himself to be a talented and versatile utility horse. A real eyecatcher is his fine uphill canter with great use of the body. According to the Stallion Inspection Jury Auwert 514 can primarily have a positive influence on breed characteristics, movement technique, mentality and canter. Looking at bloodlines this stallion is best paired to mares with little Feitse 293/Mark 232 blood. Auwert 514 is free from the hydrocephaly- and dwarfism genes. Hopefully this year will be free from Covid 19 so that everyone can see his first crop of foals go through the inspection ring.

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