Bastiaan 510: talented sport stallion from predicate-rich line.

In 2019 the then 11-year-old Braggo S. (Jisse 433) was registered in the KFPS Studbook as Bastiaan 510. He reached this exceptional status in Australia by way of the Short Test and that makes him the first stud stallion to be approved in Australia. This breed-typical Bastiaan 510 is quite talented for higher dressage and comes from a fine breeding- and predicate-rich dam line.

Bastiaan 510 was born in 2008 and bred by Ellen van Slooten. She bought her first Friesian horse in 1993: 4-year-old Studbook mare Sanne B. (Gaije 295). This mare is Bastiaan 510’s granddam and stems from top breeder Evert Bruggen’s successful breeding stud in Jubbega. Foundation dam of this line is the Preferent Rosa (Danilo 137) who was born in 1932. Four generations after Rosa, it was Tjitskje who brought Bastiaan 510’s dam line back to life, thanks to Immie and Meine Zwaga from Gorrdijk. Immie is the daughter of the late Evert Bruggen, who goes on record as the breeder of a stunning three stud stallions: Hotse 223 (Ritske 202P), Liekele 364 (Tamme 276) and Jelte 365 (Tsjomme 329). These stallions come from pedigree 103, the other line Bruggen had success with in breeding.

Hearke 254 the improver

‘My father bought Tjitskje in 1978, who was eleven at the time’, says Immie. “She had a very young foal at her side but my father didn’t really want the foal as well. He was looking for a utility horse to compete in the sport and not a foal. But the foal was part of the bargain and in retrospect that turned out to be quite a fortunate deal.’ That foal grew up to be the Star Preferent Richtsje E. (Dagho 247). She was destined to give birth to eleven offspring, six of them daughters. Two became Model Preferent, two Star Preferent and two Star. ‘Richtsje has four daughters by Hearke 254P (Mark 232P) and all four acquired the Preferent predicate’, Meine Zwaga says. ‘She was a tall, somewhat heavy mare with a slightly less expressive head and great front. Hearke 254P was known for siring horses with a bit more class and gigantic movement. That was a very good combination.’ Immie: ‘Richtsje was not just used for breeding but also did in-harness and under-saddle work. She was a sprightly character and good sport horse, a bit of a one-man horse but as good as gold. When Meine and I got married my parents gave us Richtsje as a wedding gift. She is the base of our breeding programme.’ Richtsje E. died at the age of 26.

Hillie B. Model Preferent

The first foal Evert Bruggen bred from Richtsje E. was Hillie B. Model Preferent (Hearke 254), 3rd dam to Bastiaan 510. Meine: ‘Hillie was top-class. A very good broodmare with sixteen foals, with four Star- and two Model mares and three daughters that became Preferent.’ ‘She was a good-looking, alert and excellent sport horse’, Immie adds. ‘My sister competed her in the sport.’ When she was a foal in 1984 Hillie B. received a 3rd premium, three years later she stood at 1A in Wolvega with a 1st premium and she would pull that off four more times. Even at the age of seventeen she received a 1st premium. Meine: ‘Hillie was a Model mare who also had excellent movement.’

Sanne B. Star Preferent

The first foal Hillie B. gave Evert Bruggen is Sanne B., a daughter by Gaije 295 (Lammert 260). ‘We took Sanne to inspections a few times but we didn’t manage to get her the Star predicate. We had enough good-quality mares in the yard so in 1993 we sold her to Ellen van Slooten as a 4-year-old Studbook mare, via Sybren Bangma from Aldeboarn. ‘She was my first Friesian horse’, Ellen tells us from France. ‘I bought her to ride under saddle. She was a mare with a feisty but very reliable personality. When Sanne was four she remained empty. So then we took her to the inspection in Drachten and this time she received the Star predicate and a 2nd premium.
We wanted to take things forward so using her for breeding became more serious .’ Sanne B. has brought us a total of eleven filly foals, six of them Star mares and one Crown mare. Two of those also have the Preferent predicate. Ellen: Sanne B. has given us so much joy, I mainly used her to go on hacks. She lived to be 27.’

Djura S. Crown Sport Pref.

Most of Sanne B.’s foals were sold on, but the Van Slooten family decided to keep her foal from 2001, daughter Djura S. Crown Sport Preferent (Tsjerk 328P). ‘Sanne suffered from arthrosis so we needed a replacement for her. That was Djura and I still love riding her. She is pretty lively under saddle but very reliable. She has a golden character. Djura is nineteen now and still a gorgeous and proud mare who always attracts lots of attention when I’m out riding her’, a proud Ellen van Slooten tells us. The judges describe Djura S. as a mare with lots of breeding type, good conformation and satisfactory quality of legwork. Her trot and walk are powerful with satisfactory scope. At the age of eight Djura S. acquired the Crown and Sport predicates. Three times running she became Champion at the inspection in Villeneuve sur Lot in France and she earned the Preferent predicate in 2018. She obtained that predicate thanks to her sixth offspring Wybo S. Star (Maurits 437) who got as far as the Third Viewing in that year.

Studbook stallion Australia

In spite of an 81.5 score for the ABFP saddle test Braggo S. (Jisse 433), just like his brother, did not make it beyond the Third Viewing in 2012. He was sold off and a year later ended up in Australia at Katrina Routson’s place, where she runs her breeding farm Terrarossa Lodge Friesian Horses.
In Australia the breed-typical Braggo S. was allowed to serve breeding as a Foal Book stallion with a stud license. In his new homeland his aptitude for dressage continued to develop. He was actively competing in the Light Tour when in the Spring of 2019 he was allowed to take part in the Short Test which resulted in: Bastiaan 510.’

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