Bente 412 Sport (Heinse 354) passed away

On October 13th Bente 412 Sport (Heinse 354 x Nammen 308) died at he age of 19. The stallion had been struggling with laminitis for some years already but recently the affliction worsened.

Half brother Fridse 423

Bente comes from mare line 74 and was bred by the Ydema family from Wytgaard out of the Star Preferent Lobke Y. (Nammen 308 x Jochem 259). In addition to Bente this mare also brought the one year younger KFPS Studbook stallion Fridse 423 (Teunis 332). Bente 412´s sire is Heinse 354 Sport Preferent who has produced four approved sons and was especially appreciated for his sport qualities.

One Model Mare

Bente was approved for stud services in 2003 and in his Performance Test he demonstrated to be particularly talented for dressage. Bente 412 was approved on offspring in 2008 with average scores of around 7 and breeding values of just over 100. The total of Bente´s stud services stands at nearly 1000. In addition to a Star percentage of 34% Bente can boast one Model mare: Hadewich Hyllested Østergaard Model Sport, dam of Yme 506. Stallion station Schreven in Weert, where Bente spent the last five years of his life, praised him for his gentle personality and his semen quality.

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