Best Friesian Horse in Germany Meets her 86-year-old ‘fan de Kromme Jelte’ Breeder

Stefanie Zimmer, Angelika Bruck, met Roaske fan de Kromme Jelte en haar fokker Wybren Jorritsma en Vronie van Asma K&PP Kampioenschap Fries Dressuurpaard 2019 © DigiShots

He is 86 and lives in a care home, but on Saturday October 12th Wybren Jorritsma went to visit the European Championship. His home-bred Roaske fan de Kromme Jelte Sport Elite (Jasper 366) rode to first place in the Prix St. Georges and was the best mare in the Heavy Tour.

More than 100 home-bred foals

Roaske´s German owner Stefanie Zimmer and her rider Angelika Bruck got tears in their eyes when Wybren and Roaske met again after so many years. Aged three, Roaske was sold when the ‘fan de Kromme Jelte’ breeder ended his horse-breeding activities. ‘He has bred over 100 foals’, we hear from Vronie van Asma from Heeg who has been coming to the yard of this breeder of Friesian horses since she was nine, and accompanied him to the European Championship. Jochem 259 came to his stables and from him he bred Jillis 301, Tjimme 275 and Tamme 276, who all received the stable name ‘van de Kromme Jelte’. ‘The stable name refers to Jelte, who was so occupied digging a hole because of rumours of a buried treasure that he was nicknamed Kromme Jelte (hunched Jelte, ed.)’, Wybren explains.

Off to Germany at the age of four

After the sale Roaske returned to the Netherlands via Denmark. There young Roaske, in foal by Tsjerk 328, was purchased by Stefanie who now has the most successful Friesian horse from Germany in her stables. ‘In 2016, 2018 and 2019 she became German Dressage Champion in her class. This year we were honoured at the Equitana’, Stefanie says, adding that Roaske has her own Facebook page. ‘We hope that one day Roaske will compete at Grand Prix level.’

Pulling the wedding coach

In Haskerhorne they scored 64,652% in the Inter II and won bronze in the Heavy Tour. ‘A fantastic achievement.’ Back home in Essen, Germany, Stefanie frequently uses Roaske for touring around bridal couples in a coach, often in a team with her daughter Finja (Tsjerk 328). ‘They´re dream horses, with a super character.’ Wybren nods in agreement: ‘They are very easy-going horses.’


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