Better grip on Process Stallion Selection

July 4, 2020

The main topic of the KFPS Member Council meeting on Friday July the 3rd was about regulating process and procedures involving the stallion selection. The financial year 2019 was closed and the current Corona year was reviewed both from a financial as well as a breed-technical angle.

One-and-a-half-metre setting

The meeting is traditionally held in May but due to Corona guidelines was postponed to July. In a 1½-metre setting the focus of the meeting was primarily on the re-evaluation of the stallion selection trajectory. A subject that has ruffled many feathers since the approval of Boet 516 in November 2019. For three hours the meeting was conducted in a closed setting, which finally resulted in a consensus regarding adjustments in the stallion selection process. The MT as well as the Board have agreed to keep closer tabs on the route to approval by getting more involved with the Stallion Inspection Jury on a more regular basis. ‘It’s an extra check to help prevent controversial decisions and get a better grip on the process’, is how Chairman Wiebe Wieling had put it in a letter to the Member Council. In the autumn meetings the Breeding Council will submit a motion with a better standardisation framework for roaring in relation to the selection process. Also on the agenda of the autumn meeting will be the formation of the Stallion Inspection Jury. For Jaap Boersma the current year is his last, Harrie Draaijer will take his leave next year. Piet Bergsma and Corry Terpstra are going to reinforce the Stallion Inspection Jury.

Corona-proof Finances

The other important item on the agenda was the approval of the Annual Account 2019 and the Budget 2020. Treasurer Peter Bazuijnen clearly stated the consequences of the Corona-crisis: ‘Corona continues to influence the market and the organisation of events remains a question mark. Both are essential for the Studbook.’ Bazuijnen explained that the Studbook has a very liquid and solvent starting position. ‘Even with a black scenario for 2020 the long-term continuity is secure.’ Greatly appreciated by a large part of the Council Members was the fact that in spite of Corona, breeding was able to continue with inspections on location and meanwhile foal inspections are also back on the agenda. There is still some concern about the top event of the year: the Stallion Inspection. If and in what shape this event can take place in January, will be decided in September.

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