Blog 3 CE: Marten fan Starking to Short Test

Marten van Starking Ster Sport AA (Dries 421 x Abe 346)

October 1, 2021
Marten van Starking Star Sport AA (Dries 421 x Abe 346)
The 9-year-old Marten fan Starking Star Sport AA (Dries 421 x Abe 346) has earned a referral to the Short Test via the re-inspection. In 2016 he participated in the Central Examination but just failed to cross the finishing line. After that the stallion was ridden in the sport and meanwhile he has reached the highest classes both in driving, showdriving as well as under saddle. To these achievements he has also added an IBOP of 80 points. Marten comes from mare line 94 and has a kinship of 17.2%.
Also at the re-inspection was Tizian fan Ass (Epke 494). He is a great ambassador for the Friesian horse in the sport and demonstrated that in a neat PSG test. Unfortunately though, comments on legwork and exterior kept him away from a referral.

From under saddle to driving

This brings the number of stallions currently still in the running for the approval of Studbook stallion to sixteen, with Marten scheduled to join the CE in Exloo for the last fortnight. Meanwhile, the young stallions are doing really well. By now they have nearly completed the first half of their Central Examination. Guest riders Marten Luiten and Frans van den Heuvel arrived last week for a second round of riding and have ‘swapped’ horses, which means they have now ridden all stallions. That brings the moment of the halfway assessment one step closer for the owners.
The stallions are, by the way, not only ridden under saddle, they have already been worked in the harness for a second time. This is a discipline which is quite taxing for the young horses, as the research carried out by Carolien Munsters and her team revealed last year (and again this year), which was based on lactate- and heartbeat measurements.

Driving and showdriving combined in test

The results of that research were reason to adjust the training scheme and the last exam for the stallions will differ from previous years too. The separate driving- and showdriving tests on exam day are going to be discontinued. The last exam consists of a combined test whereby the stallions will demonstrate showdriving moments as part of the driving test. They still have a few weeks left for practising.


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