Board and Member Council join hands in common challenge

Archieffoto ledenraadsvergadering 2019
Archieffoto ledenraadsvergadering 2019

October 3, 2020
Archive picture of Member Council Meeting 2019

On Saturday the 3rd of October the Member Council and the Board of the KFPS convened in Emmeloord for a special meeting of the Member Council. In the interest of the Society they have taken steps to reach mutual trust. The key word in this context is communication.

Reason for the special Member Council Meeting is the approval of Boet 516 and the entire process that developed in its wake. This process generated huge unrest between the Member Council and the Board. At this meeting the Stallion Inspection Committee has given their side of the story in the approval process which involved Boet 516.

The Board will not be placed under guardianship, as was alleged in the Leeuwarder Courant of October 3rd. Considering the major challenges they are facing, the Member Council has taken the initiative to scale the Board up to seven people. Following the early departure of Chairman Wiebe Wieling earlier this week, the remaining Board consisted of four members. The actual addition of three new members to the Board will be effected at very short notice.

The meeting was characterised by constructive discussions to come up with well-defined plans and actions. Scaling up the Board has generated sufficient confidence to continue building a future-proof Society, in which the Friesian Horse takes centre stage.




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