Candidate Council Members foreign countries elected

The regional meetings for foreign countries have already chosen their new representatives on the Member Council.
Elected for Europe are Line Grundtvig-Sorensen from Denmark and Sophie loannou Georgiou from Cyprus. Taking a seat on the Member Council for countries outside Europe are Jose Rodriquez from Costa Rica and Jack Vanderkooi and Erin Miley.

Huge involvement members of the foreign countries

The enthusiasm for the online meeting of members in the foreign countries is significant, KFPS Director Marijke Akkerman reports. ‘We have solid discussions which show that each country or each continent faces their own challenges. That’s also food for thought for our organisation.’ For instance the discussion about low-kinship stallions is not the same in all countries, because not all foreign members have access to (frozen) semen. ‘In spite of that the foreign members are very involved so they come forward with their opinions and appreciate it when they notice they are being heard.’

Four online regional meetings for the foreign countries

This was the first year that three online meetings were organised for the foreign members. On Thursday the 12th of May we had a meeting in German, on Friday the 13th of May there were two meetings in English for the EU, Down Under and South America. The FHANA had their meeting in front of the screen on Saturday the 14th of May. Their new candidates for the Member Council had already been elected and their nominations will be put to the vote at the Meeting of the Member Council.

Seat on the Member Council official at the end of the Member Council

The Meeting of the Member Council will take place on Friday the 20th of May and the new Council Members will be officially in function as Council Members from the end of the meeting onwards. At that moment the new Council Members for the Netherlands will also be known. The regional meetings are still in full swing.


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