Cecilia von Greifenstolz (Bartele 472) Day Champion and Preliminary Crown in Seelitz

The Champions in Seelitz, Germany

In Seelitz, Germany, Jan Hellinx and Johan van der Velde could hand out an orange rosette to colt foal Joep vom Schladitzer See (Menne 496) on September 29th. Sebastian Schiller bred Joep out of Rooscke van de Stierenweg Star (Alke 468), from the same line as Hessel 480. ’This colt earned its first premium chiefly on the quality of his movement,’ Jan Hellinx commented, ‘he walked and trotted with good suppleness in the body, showing consistent rhythm and moving with a fine posture.’ Joep was chosen as Champion of the Colts. The Champion of the Fillies had to make do with a second premium: the expressive Leni vom Seenland (Alwin 469) was bred by Ralf Munitzk out of Maxima Boszorg (Pier 448).

Day Champion and Preliminary Crown

The best category at the inspection was the one with the 3-year-old mares. All three inspected mares became Star. In front with a first premium came Ralf Reinhardt´s Cecilia von Greifenstolz (Bartele 472 x Beart 411). ‘Really classy mare with a strong topline,’ Jan Hellinx approved, ‘she walked with great ease and spring in her step and demonstrated a fine uphill trot with strong use of the hind leg.’ Later in the day Cecilia was pronounced Day Champion, and to top it all off also declared Preliminary Crown. Sebastian Schiller´s Bryske vom Schladitzer See (Hessel 480 x Tsjalke 397) and Ralf Munitzk´s Axima vom Seenland (Tsjalle 454 x Nykle 309) were declared Star with a second premium.

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