Central Inspection 2021 yields eight Model mares

September 18, 2021

The Model declaration is traditionally one of the highlights of the Central Inspection. Eight out of the eleven Crown mares that entered the ring in Harich were given the highest predicate within the Studbook.

Big difference between Crown or Model

In the early afternoon the tension alongside the ring was palpable. For the owners of the Crown mares, with every single one of them trotting around the ring in top condition, but also for the visitors that had come in large numbers and enjoyed it all from their seats on the sunbathed patios of Manege Gaasterland. The audience clearly had its favourites and vented it with great enthusiasm. Head of Jury Piet Bergsma explained that they had really taken their time for the inspection because, in spite of the high quality of the Crown mares, there is still a big difference between a Crown mare and a Model mare.

Here are the mares that from now on carry the Model predicate:

Talina van de Marne Model Sport (Tsjalle 454 x Jasper 366)
owned by D. van Foeken from Bolsward

Veronique Model Sport AA (Beart 411 x Norbert 444)
owned by the Postma – van der Meij family from Doezum

Tsjarina Diana A.B. Crown AA (Alwin 469 x Heinse 354)
owned by Mrs K. Schwan from St. Sebastian

Nelia L Crown AA (Norbert 444 x Beart 411)
owned by Mrs I.P.J.M. Leemans – Veugen from Maarheeze

Valentina fan ‘e Ridderdijk Crown Sport AAA (Alwin 469 x Fridse 423)
owned by J.J. van der Meulen from Broek-Noord

Verona fan ‘Sweltjes State’ Crown AA ( Epke 474 x Jerke 434)
owned by Mr R.W.J. Meijer from Zierikzee

Tamke fan Nico Stables Crown AA (Uldrik 457 x Jorn 430)
owned by the Tanck family from Vragender

Tjitske fan Stal Bellefleur Crown AA (Beart 411 x Maurits 437)
owned by W.H. Derksen from Oosterhout

The other mares that had qualified for the Model declaration are:

• Vita S.A. Crown Sport AAA (Norbert 444 x Beart 411) owned by A. Vanderper from West-Vleteren
• Lobke M Crown AA (Pier 448 x Tetse 394) owned by S.J. Kat B.V. from Egmond aan den Hoef
• Nokomis du Grand Hersée Crown AA (Felle 422 x Olof 315) owned by Isabelle Raguin from Rochejean

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