Champion sash young stallions for the athletic Herre 524 (with video)

Herre 524 KFPS Hengstencompetitie 2022 © Digishots


January 15, 2022
Herre 524 KFPS Stallion Competition 2022 © Digishots

The young Herre 524 became Champion Young Stallions at the 2022 Stallion Inspection on Saturday the 15th of January. His Reserve was stable mate Teun 505. The other stallions completing the foursome in the running for the Title were Gosse 526 and Tymen 503. ‘These four stallions represent the top of this category of young stallions’, is how Sabien Zwaga paid them a compliment, adding that the choice was a difficult one. ‘But it is about this moment today.’

Youthful debutant

This was the athletic and youthful Herre 524’s debut as KFPS Studbook stallion at the Stallion Inspection, but he succeeded in giving a very constant and impressively supple presentation. Herre 524 was bred and is owned by Gerben and Klaske de Vries of Fan Hylpen breeding and caught the eye with a strong and fast hind leg and a fine uphill trot. The beautifully modelled Teun 505, who was last year’s Champion Younger Stallions, became this year’s Reserve Champion. Teun 505 is owned by Tjalling de Boer, which means that both Champion and Reserve Champion are stabled in the Fan de Kadyk yard.

Final with twelve stallions

The final began with twelve stallions who had qualified for the Championship Young Stallions, or rather, the stallions that have not yet been approved on offspring. Which is why the 13-year-old Elias 494 also participated in the selection for the Championship, as well as Martzen 521 who took part in the Short Test when he was already a bit older. Menne 496, Tymen 503, Matthys 504, Teun 505, Auwert 514, Arent 515, Beant 517, Foeke 520, Herre 524 and Gosse 526 completed the dozen. After an initial selection the remaining stallions were Menne 496, Tymen 503, Teun 505, Auwert 514, Arent 515, Beant 517, Herre 524 and Gosse 526. After two rounds in trot four of these stayed in the ring. The breed-typical and strong mover Tymen 503 and the impressively supple Gosse 526 just narrowly didn’t make it to the last two.

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