Champion titles for Model dam Yfke (Harmen 424) and son Galaxy (Ulbert 390) in Pennsylvania


October 17, 2022

The inspection at Iron Spring Farm in Coatesville, Pennsylvania in America resulted in the Champion Title for Model mare Yfke fan Fjildsicht Model AAA (Harmen 424 x Nanno 372). The 15-year-old mare, bred by Wietse Wijbenga, found her Star first-premium son Galaxy ISF (Ulbert 390) beside her as her Reserve Overall Champion on the 12th of October.

Three earlier Champion Titles

Yfke also became Day Champion at the FHANA inspection in 2013, 2015 and 2018. The mare harks back to pedigree 50, her granddam is Hadewich fan Fjildsicht Star Preferent Performance (Jurjen 303), also granddam to Tsjalle 454. Yfke emigrated to America as a 4-year-old Preliminary Crown mare. With 85 points for her IBOP in America she became Permanent Crown in 2013, followed by Model in 2015. To this day, Yfke has given eleven foals at the Iron Spring Farm. Her first Star offspring is Galaxy ISF (Ulbert 390), who earned a Star with a first premium. The 4-year-old gelding stands at 1.70m height at withers and was lined up next to his dam as the Reserve Overall Champion.

Out of Model mare Liza van de Meikade

The Jury Team Wil Thijssen and Frans Smits dished out a Star second premium to three Foalbook mares: the 6-year-old Akira C.B.F. Star (Bene 476 x Wierd 409), the 5-year-old Elrika C.B.F. (Norbert 444 x Erik 351) and the 4-year-old Inne van de Benka (Hessel 480 x Maurus 441) out of the well-known Liza van de Meikade Model Sport AAA. There was a Star too for the 3-year-old stallion Kairos JRF (Tjalbert 460 x Monte 378). With 77 points the 6-year-old gelding Absolute ISF (Hedser 465 x Brend 413) totted up the highest IBOP score but the Star predicate eluded him.
In the group of ten foals yet another Liza van de Meikade Model Sport AAA (Maurus 441) offspring received a first premium: Tilde van de Benka (Matthys 504 x Maurus 441), with an 8 for his walk.

Meinse 439 and Tjalbert 460

The stallions Meinse 439 and Tjalbert 460 are standing stud at the Iron Spring Farms and they were presented to the Jury in great condition.





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