Chiraat (Maurits 437) Preliminary Crown and Breeding Day Champion in Sweden

At the inspection in Sweden on the 27th of August, Chiraat Jiska J&H Preliminary
Crown (Maurits 437 x Eibert 419), owned by Jacomien and Klaas-Ane JellemaHaijtema, became Preliminary Crown as well as Breeding Day Champion. According to
Jury members Willem Sonnema and Jan Hellinx the mare is longlined with luxurious
feathers and she is an elegant appearance. ‘She could be a fraction stronger in the
back and her feet are a generous size. The mare has a roomy walk and moves with
very good posture and a strongly engaged hind leg in trot.’ The 6-year-old Chiraat is a
daughter of Crown Sport mare Jiska Esther H. (Eibert 419 x Jasper 366).

Expressive head Jengst S.A. Star

In Ȃstorp the Jury members kicked off with the assessment of two IBOPs, where they
could give 65.5 points to Demetra Andersson’s gelding Jengst S.A. (Norbert 444 x
Beart 411). With the in-hand presentation this 11-year-old gelding further upgraded
himself in movement. In walk he demonstrates good length of stride, tact and
suppleness. In trot the hind leg is placed well forward under the body but here he
needs to develop more suppleness. With his expressive head and a longlined body
and ditto croup Jengst was awarded a Star with a second premium. Jengst was bred
by Anja and Angie Vanderper and is a full brother of Vita S.A. Model Sport AAA
(Norbert 444), the 2021 Breeding Day Champion in South Netherlands, winner of the
Pavo Fryso Cup Driving and the 2019 winner of the Bronze Driver with Udo de Haan.

Ivano Jede Star AA

Adding a Star to his name at this inspection was the 4-year-old stallion Ivano Jede
Star AA (Mees 497 x Onne 376), owned by Ole Morten & Merete C Myhre. Ivano
Jede, bred by Stal Jede out of Resa S. Model Sport Preferent Performance (Onne
376), combines a noble head with fine breeding type as well as good conformation,
although stance of the hind leg is a little small-angled. In walk he needs to develop
more activity but in trot the stallion presents a fine uphill outline with great posture
and moment of suspension, which resulted in a Star for Ivano Jede.

Breed-typical Ture

In Stromsholm the 9-year-old Rink van Hestegaarden Star (Fabe 348) managed to
achieve 77 points in the IBOP. ‘He has a roomy walk with satisfactory power from the
hind leg’, Jan Hellinx explained. ‘The trot would benefit from more activity from the
hind leg. The canter is uphill showing regularity and good scope, as well as suppleness
and capacity for transitions. Good for a 7.5.’

There was a first premium for Ture Af Södergården (Menne 496) who radiated
breeding type and showed a powerful walk with satisfactory length of stride. In the
category for filly foals the orange rosette was prey for the elegant and longlined
Valeria fan Noordster (Jouwe 485), who moved with a roomy walk and a light-footed
trot. The breed-typical Ture was elected Foal Champion.
One Studbook mare was promoted to Star with a second premium. Yske v.d. Maria
Louise Hoeve (Bartele 472) presented an elegant type, well-shaped neck and good
body shape. Her walk has satisfactory scope and strength, in trot she rises beautifully
in the forehand.

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