CI News: ten new Model mares


September 17, 2022

On Saturday the 17th of September we had a ‘boppeslach’ in Harich, the Friesian word for a bonanza, as speaker Henk Dijkstra called it. All ten mares that were presented to the Jury for Model declaration were indeed promoted to Model. One mare was granted another chance at the re-inspection because she just happened to be slightly unsound at the decisive moment: that is Veroniek W.E. Crown Sport AA (Reinder 452 x Jasper 366).

All about durability

All mares completed a round in trot before Head of Jury Sabien Zwaga announced the outcome. ‘It may look like it’s all about the trot, but that is definitely not the case. It is about durability, exterior and movement.’

The ten new Model mares

135 Griet fan Dijkmaniastate Model Sport AAA (Beart 411 x Jasper 366)
146 Yip fan nico Stables Model AA (Wolfert 467 x Fokert 353)
147 Warber Model AA (Bartele 472 x Dries 421)
153 Zoë Model AA (Bartele 472 x Beart 4110
154 Wolkje van de Zunne Model AA (Alwin 469 x Loadewyk 431)
155 Yanneke fan Dulve Model AA (Tsjalke 397 x Jasper 366)
156 Wietske Model Sport (Tsjalle 454 x Mewes 438)
164 Zita fan Steendans Model AA (Beart 411 x Andries 415)
167 Yfke van de Klei Model AA (Beart 411 x Tsjalke 397)
170 Xalvador fan Lutke Peinjum Model AAA (Hessel 480 x Jasper 366)
The lucky ones with a ticket for the Champion Inspection were Zoë, Yanneke, Wietske and Xalvador.

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