Closure subsidiary section

The board of the KFPS has decided in the board meeting of Thursday March 9, 2023, as a provisional measure, with immediate effect, not to register / include any more horses in the subsidiary section, as referred to in the Registration Regulations – Article 5 paragraph 3.


In view of what the board has learned very recently, it cannot be ruled out at this time that offspring of animals from the subsidiary section can (or even: must) be upgraded to the main section. Not only is this contrary to what was explicitly stipulated in said article and envisaged when it was introduced in 2013, but also, and more importantly, it entails the risk that offspring of outcross products will move on to the main section. This is contrary to one of the core values of the KFPS, namely breeding purebred Friesian horses. This risk is all the more not inconceivable now that there is a concrete and very recent request to register / include an outcross foal in the secondary section. In the opinion of the board, this is a no go – area for outcross products, especially as long as it has not been established that the upgrading of offspring of animals from the side section – in which, according to
some members, outcross products should also be registered / included – to the main section is impossible. Therefore, the board has felt compelled to close the subsection for new registrations / recordings of animals with immediate effect by suspending or temporarily suspending it. This stems from the Articles of Association – Articles 3 and 29, with which the board has the not lightly considered essential task to preserve “the Friesian horse with its characteristic conformation, gaits and character” as well as and in particular “to guard the purity of the Friesian horse breed”!

The board of the KFPS,
on behalf of this,
Mrs. T. Schokker-Strampel, Chairwoman
Mr. J.J. Veldhuis, secretary

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