Collectively forwards and onwards

During last summer and autumn our Koninklijk Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (KFPS) went through a succession of periods filled with commotion within bodies and Board. No polish without friction one might say, so during one of the extra meetings of the Member Council the concept Strategic Plan 2024-2029 was developed. Every Council member pointed out what in their view should be a spearhead. These spearheads were then put forward as central topics at the thematic meetings and members interactively joined in the debates. Until the end of the year all national and international members have the opportunity to express their opinion via the online questionnaire.

From seasoned breeders to passionate users and owners, everybody is welcome to have their say. One thing that emerged quite clearly: health is an essential cornerstone.
With the Member Council approval of investing in extra expertise, including for instance a health official, the first step towards this vision of the future has been taken. This person will function as a bridge between factual data and future policies. No Social Media or backstage gossip, but factual information concerning health issues which is going to facilitate well-considered decisions. To achieve that we rely on the help of members.
One key issue is to report the death of horses. This is not mandatory but it is a joint responsibility. So we urgently request everyone to report deaths and the underlying cause via MijnKFPS. These data make up the building blocks of the health policy.

The KFPS doesn’t shrink away from challenges and acknowledges that the breeding programme of thirty years ago lies at the bottom of some of the prevailing problems. Back then the increase in inbreeding was high and after research and bringing in more know-how, essential decisions were taken. Decisions like the implementation of stud limits and the introduction of the kinship percentage brought about a huge drop of increase in inbreeding, which in the long term reduces the number of health issues.

But please let’s not forget what it is all about: the love and passion for the Friesian horse. Please enjoy, cherish and share our passion in any way possible. Be it during a wonderful hack through the countryside, proudly presenting horses at inspections or simply appreciating the horses in the field. This we should never forget!

Marijke Akkerman

Director KFPS



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