Consequences Corona guidelines for KFPS events and meetings | UPDATE 30 June

National guidelines to contain the spread of the Corona Virus have various consequences for KFPS activities. With this update the KFPS aims to inform the members as best as possible about how we respond to these measures. On the one hand there are concrete guidelines, but we also give information about potential scenarios. The latter is explicitly subject to national guidelines and therefore no rights can be derived. The KFPS counts on the understanding and cooperation of the members in these taxing times.

Update June 30

As from 1 July a few more relaxations concerning the Covid 19 guidelines are in place. This does not lead to major changes in relation to KFPS activities. The inspections, foal inspections, aptitude tests and presentation days will continue to take place without audience. Considering the limited area around the inspection ring the chief reason for this being the required 1½ metre distance which means that only a restricted number of people can be present.
From the 1st of July onwards owners are welcome again to attend the assessments of the ABFP Tests at the WB Stables in Wergea. This means that only the two final assessment days will be livestreamed.
The KFPS continues to closely monitor the developments regarding Covid 19. Until the 1st of September the inspections for 3-year-old and older horses will continue to take place at the training locations. Foals can be inspected at the twelve foal inspections that will be organised in cooperation with the breeding chapters during the next two months. As yet it looks like the original inspection schedule for Studbook inspections and foal inspections can go ahead as planned after the 1st of September. If this turns out to be the case then we will also start planning re-inspections.

Update May 14

This week the Ministry has accepted the request by the Koepel Fokkerij (Umbrella organisation for Dutch horse- and pony studbooks, ed.) to allow inspections, although under strict conditions. For the KFPS this is not a major change since we have already been organising inspections on location which comply with RIVM (Ministry of Health and Environment, ed.) guidelines. This relaxation however, does make it possible to allow owners of inspection horses to be present at the location site. IBOPs can take place again and from July onwards foal inspections will be back on the agenda, in cooperation with the breeding chapters. The other request by the Koepel Fokkerij, which involves microchipping of foals, was also accepted.
A summary of the current state of affairs:

Inspections on location

After a successful first round of inspections on location last week, planning for the next few months is in full swing. The inspections on location of the training stables will continue to replace the scheduled breeding days and Studbook inspections at least up to and including August. For now, the original schedule of Studbook- and foal inspections for the period after 1 September will be maintained.

For the second round of inspections on location horses can be entered for the following classes:

• 3-year-old and older Foal Book mares
• Studbook mares for upgrading
• Star mares
• Crown mares
• 3-year-old and older Foal Book- and Gelding Book geldings.
• 3-year-old and older Foal Book stallions
Right now we are working hard to finalise the planning for these inspections. The (provisional) planning for June will be available on the KFPS website under Starting lists from the 15th of May. The schedule for July and August will soon follow. The intention is to organise a round along the various training stables in a 4-6-week cycle. Horses can be entered for these inspections via MyKFPS. Before horses are entered for inspections owners first have to arrange this with the training stable in question.


We are presently working on an adjusted schedule for IBOP assessments. This provisional planning will also be available on the KFPS website under Starting lists from the 15th of May. The option to take part in the 2-week ABFP Test remains, including the 50% discount rate.

Foal assessments

In cooperation with the breeding chapters foal assessments will be organised in the months of July and August, the schedule is forthcoming. Initially, every breeding chapter will maintain the original date for their breeding day. The dates will become available on the KFPS website under starting lists as from next week. During these foal assessments the foals can also be microchipped.

Inspections open to owners but not to spectators

Wherever possible, the inspections on location, the IBOP assessments and foal inspections will be open to owners. The owners are held to observe a strict protocol which is based on RIVM regulations. It is as yet not clear if owners can be present at all inspections. This partly depends on whether or not the training stable in question receives permission for this from the local government.

Chipping foals

From this moment onwards microchipping of foals is permitted. This can be done by a veterinarian but foals can also be chipped at the foal inspections which will take place again starting in July.

Central Inspection

Before the second round of inspections on location kicks off in early June, the KFPS tries to provide a clear answer regarding the going ahead of the Central Inspection. In case the Central Inspection cannot go ahead the (Preliminary) Crown- and Model declarations will take place at the inspections on location. The mares which receive a first premium will then be presented again after all classes have finished.

Pavo Fryso Cup

Going ahead of the Central Inspection is also important for the competitions for 4-, 5- and 6-year-old horses, the Pavo Fryso Cup. The finals of this competition are always ridden during the CI. At this moment we are considering potential alternatives. More information will follow later.

Update 8 May

On Wednesday last the Government announced, with some reservation, a few liberalisations of Corona guidelines. If these liberalisations, which are scheduled to become operational next week, will be followed through is subject to the potential consequences of these liberalisations (reopening schools) on the spreading of the virus. The relaxation of rules allows congregations of 30 people per location from the 1st of June onwards and from the 1st of July onwards 100 people per location. Obviously only under the condition that the 1½-metre distance continues to be observed. In case this liberalisation becomes a fact that would be good news for KFPS inspections and assessments. It would enable owners of inspection horses to be present at the inspection location of the horse in question. It also opens up possibilities again to organise IBOP assessments. These dates will be publicised next week. Together with the breeding chapters we will also look into the possibilities to start organising foal inspections in July and August. The strict protocols for inspections and assessments will be adapted by the KFPS in line with modified Government regulations.
The inspections that were held on location last week all went very well. Many thanks to the organising training stables for the superb organisation. Compliments are also due to the entrants for their willingness to follow the inspection from home via livestream. And to the Jury for their professionalism in carrying out the inspections and providing explanations. The number of livestream viewers from within and outside the Netherlands was consistently around 400 to 500 people. The inspections on location will continue to replace Studbook inspections and breeding days until at least the 20th of August. The schedule will be publicised shortly so that horses can be entered via MyKFPS. After the 1st of September we will reconsider if the (regular) Studbook- and foal inspections scheduled for September and October can go ahead.

Events subject to authorisation and notification remain forbidden until the 1st of September. As yet no information is available regarding the possibilities or conditions for organising events after the 1st of September. This is especially important with a view to the Central Inspection.

Update 22 April

At yesterday evening’s press conference the Prime Minister made it clear that all events requiring authorisation and notification are forbidden until the 1st of September. This has the following consequences:

Breeding days and Studbook inspections

Because of this directive all scheduled breeding days and Studbook inspections have to be cancelled up to the 1st of September. Next week consultations will take place with the Boards of the breeding chapters to discuss how to respond to the situation. There are several options: postpone breeding days to September/October; continue with inspections on the location of training stables and a combination of these two. The uncertain element here is that there is no way of telling whether or not events can go ahead after the 1st of September. In case inspections will continue to take place on location then in addition to the classes for Studbook acceptance/Star declaration and upgrading the classes for Star- and Crown mares will also take place there. Thinking of (Preliminary) Crown- and Model declarations we will also have to act on the possible scenario that the Central Inspection will not go ahead. After the talks with the breeding chapters more information on this subject will be provided.

Foal registration

(At least) until the 1st of September foals cannot be registered. This means chipping of foals by KFPS passport consultants is also out of the question. Neither are passport consultants allowed to carry out chipping on private premises. For veterinarians chipping of foals is classified as non-urgent. This issue is currently under discussion with the Ministry.

Presentation days and re-inspections

The presentation days and the re-inspection of young stallions will take place on location.
(At least) until the 1st of September no IBOP Tests will be assessed. For horses that were already in training for an IBOP we have created the opportunity to enter these horses for a 2-week ABFP Test, which was communicated last week. With a 50% discount horses can be entered for 240 Euros (including VAT). This has generated a lot of interest. Therefore the decision was taken to organise two 2-week tests within a regular ABFP Test. For more information and applications please get in touch with Eveline van Kooten (0512-523888).

Pavo Fryso Cup

Most selection competitions of the Pavo Fryso Cup take place in combination with breeding days. In this new context we will consider how to react to this situation.

The KFPS tries to respond in the best possible way to the new challenges during these complicated times. We strive to facilitate the continuation of inspections and assessments of horses as much as possible. Nevertheless, it may not be possible to come up with a solution for individual cases. We are counting on the understanding of our members.
A new update will be published towards the end of next week.

Update 1 April

In yesterday evening’s press conference the Government announced a prolongation of the current ‘intelligent lockdown’. This means no changes in the current situation. For KFPS activities this has the following consequences:

Studbook inspections

These measures mean that for the interim no Studbook inspections can take place. For those horses that were already in training (for the cancelled Studbook inspections that were scheduled starting end of April) the KFPS will offer the option to inspect the horses at the location of the training stables. These inspections on location will be planned for the last week of April and the first week of May. These inspections take place without audience. This also means that the horse owners cannot be present either.
The first Studbook inspection that has not been cancelled is scheduled for the 10th of June (St. Nicolaasga). This inspection will be maintained. Horses can be entered for this inspection. However, national guidelines for the period after June the 1st are still unknown. In the event that the Studbook inspections of June cannot go ahead then again, inspections will also take place at the location of the training stables. The intention is to organise a new Studbook inspection at a location in the centre of the country in the first half of June. Date and location will be announced later.

Breeding days

At this stage little can be said about whether or not breeding days will go ahead. The first breeding day is on the calendar for the 27th of June (Zeeuwse Dag van het Paard in Oosterland (Day of the Horse, ed.)). Decisions on this will be taken later in consultation with the breeding chapters. Information will be made available on the site or website of the breeding chapter in question.

Presentation Days stallions

The first presentation day for the young stallions is planned for the 2nd of June. The location is the KNHS Centre in Ermelo. Considering that from this year onwards these presentation days will carry more weight in terms of selection the decision has been made, contrary to previous years, to welcome spectators. In case events can still not go ahead in June then we will look at the alternative to relocate the presentation of stallions to the inspections that will then have to be organised at the training stables.

Second Chance stallions

The Second Chance for young stallions for potential participation in the Central Examination is scheduled to take place in Wergea on June the 12th. Here basically the same procedures apply as intended for the presentation days.


The next IBOP is in Wergea on the 4th of June. Again, at this stage we cannot say whether or not it will go ahead. Presently the KFPS is considering solutions, in keeping with national guidelines, for horses that are already in training for the cancelled IBOP assessments in April. Information will follow later.


As said before, ABFP Tests will go ahead as usual. The assessment days will be streamed via the KFPS website and via The assessment days are: Wednesday 8 April; Wednesday 15 April; Tuesday 21 April and Thursday 23 April (also directly after in-hand inspection). More information, such as catalogues, will be uploaded to the site next week.
Horses can still be entered for the next test which will go ahead on the 28th of April. This concerns mainly offspring by Erryt 488, Eise 489, Meinte 490, Markus 491, Nane 492 and Omer 493 but also offspring by other stallions can be entered. For more information please get in touch with the Studbook Office (Eveline van Kooten).


In spite of the restrictions because of Corona the KFPS strives to uphold its level of services as much as possible. This means that issuing of for example Studbook documents will continue as normal. The availability of the KFPS also continues as normal.


In the last few days we have received messages about KFPS members who are directly affected by Corona, either because they themselves are infected or relatives and/or friends. There are reports too about members who have lost relatives to Corona. In these days our thoughts go out to all these people and we wish them all the strength they need!
Let’s above all, keep this in mind when we consider the Corona issues. For indeed, all the restrictive measures relating to inspections, competitions and other equestrian activities are frustrating. But in these times our health and that of others should be our highest priority!

Update 24 March

The new guidelines regarding containment of the spread of the Corona Virus which the Government announced last evening have consequences for various KFPS activities. The restriction that all meetings are forbidden until the 1st of June has the following consequences for the KFPS:
• The Studbook inspection planned for May the 16th has been cancelled.
• The regional meetings scheduled for May will not go ahead (until further notice).
• The assessment days of the ABFP Test on 8, 15, 21 and 23 April (including the inspection afterwards) will take place without audience. It will be possible to follow the assessments via a so-called livestream on the KFPS website/
• The inspection in Denmark scheduled for June the 13th has been cancelled.
Other than that, subject to new guidelines, people have to take into account that the IBOP planned for June the 4th may possibly not go ahead. This IBOP will however remain on the calendar, possibly also for horses that had been entered for IBOP Tests that have meanwhile been cancelled. As soon as we can we will provide clarity whether the other events will go ahead or be cancelled.
We will try to find a solution for those horses that were already in training for the inspections in April before March the 17th. With this we aim to, whenever possible, prevent a situation where owners are faced with extra costs due to a prolonged training period. All this is of course subject to any potential (new) guidelines issued by the Government.
Right now the plan is to go ahead with the ABFP Test scheduled for April the 28th, under the condition that no audience will be admitted on the day (and any other days) of the assessment. Under normal circumstances the participating horses (mostly offspring by Erryt 488, Eise 489, Meinte 490, Markus 491, Nane 492 and Omer 493) would be selected from the April inspections. The horses that had been entered for these inspections can still be selected and take part in the test (via entry forms of training stables). Afterwards there will be an inspection for Studbook acceptance/Star declaration.

Update 17 March

The decision has been made to cancel the inspections/IBOP in Nunspeet (25 April) and Kronenberg (26 April). According to the KFPS it is not realistic to expect that inspections can take place towards the end of April. The reason for taking the decision at this early stage is because the horses entered for these inspections would normally soon be transported to the training stables. For those horses already in training the KFPS will as soon as possible organise an inspection. The KFPS keeps close contact with the training stables about this and information on this subject will be published on the KFPS website and
For now the inspection in Harich on May 16th remains on the calendar. A decision thereabouts will be taken within the next few weeks.
For the time ahead, the KFPS will do its best, concerning locations and dates, to adjust the inspection calendar in line with national developments. In doing so the Studbook will try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the breeders/entrants regarding the inspection of horses. At the same time however, the KFPS has a joint responsibility to keep further spread of the Corona Virus in check.

Update 16 March:

The decision has been taken to postpone the next IBOP in Wergea, planned for the 8th of April, until a later date. This week we will decide whether the first two Studbook inspections (25 April: Nunspeet and 26 April: Kronenberg) will be postponed or not.

12 March

Postpone inspections
The decision has been taken to postpone the inspections in South Africa that were scheduled for this month. Also cancelled is the inspection in Italy scheduled for the 18th of April. This inspection will take place at a later date.

ABFP Tests

The ABFP Tests will go ahead as usual. There are no assessments on the calendar until the 31st of March. Depending on how the situation develops we will decide at a later stage whether these assessments will take place with or without audience. If the unexpected happens and we have to go ahead without audience then we will provide streaming via the KFPS website so that people can still follow the assessments.

KFPS Judging Courses

Lessons fort the Judging Courses have all been cancelled until the 31st of March.
Depending on developments the KFPS will keep members informed of additional guidelines via the website.



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