Corina Conradi: ‘Riding Matthys 504 is a girl’s dream’

Dressage rider Corina Conradi has had the now 8-year-old Matthys 504 under saddle since he was three. The pair have meanwhile advanced to Light Tour level. Champion of the Stallion Inspection Matthys 504 is enjoying a place in the spotlight and that includes Corina. Which takes some getting used to for this unassuming rider: ‘Working with the horses in the comfort of my own home is more my style.’

Rider of the KFPS Performance Test

Twelve years ago there was a vacancy on the rider team of the KFPS Performance Test and Corina was accepted. From the first collection she rode in 2008, stallions such as Pier 448 and Stendert 447 were approved. Five years later was her last year on the team and one of the stallions who received his stud license then was Hessel 480. ‘We had a terribly nice team. In the beginning I mainly looked at the horses as sport horses, but a good sport stallion is not the same as a sire. During that time I have ridden lots of high-quality stallions and have learned an awful lot. For us riders the aim was to present the stallions in the best possible way. That wasn’t always easy, the stallions are young and especially on the day of the tests, the setting is different.’ When asked if there is a specific stallion from that period who has always stayed on her radar, Corina answers: ‘Wimer 461, he was such a fantastic 3-year-old. He gave the rider a great feeling and was incredibly good at transitions. Everybody could get in his saddle and take off, a truly wonderful horse.’

Instant click

Corina got Champion of the Stallion Inspection Matthys 504 under saddle when he was still a 3-year-old and called Milan fân stal Bellefleur. She rode this Norbert 444 son to the Sport predicate following which he took part in the Central Examination as a 6-year-old and was approved. Just before all dressage competitions came to a standstill due to the Corona outbreak, Matthys 504 was awarded the Elite predicate. ‘Riding Matthys 504 is absolutely a girl’s dream. We had an instant click. He is a very eager horse and keen to learn. Always happy and cheerful, he hasn’t got an ounce of grumpiness in him. Matthys has a touch of the same sensitivity KWPN horses have, he is awfully sharp and I have to work at keeping that in check. He is a world-class horse. Meanwhile stud services have become part of his working life but there are no signs that it is influencing his performances in the sport.
Two years ago Corina rode the talented Yersie C. Crown (Hessel 480) to victory in
the Friesian Talent Cup. In the IBOP Test which this combination completed early last year Yersie scored a stunning 89 points, which made her Permanent Crown. For all horses she schools under saddle Corina sticks to the same basic principles: ‘Horses have to be good rides by nature, I don’t want to put too much pressure on them or help them too much but instead prefer to give them more freedom.’

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