Death of Wimer 461

Wimer 461 (Foto: fam. Eppinga)


March 25, 2021
Wimer 461 (Photo: Eppinga Family)

The Eppinga Family has announced the death of their Wimer 461 (Hinne 427 x Heinse 354). He died on Wednesday the 24th of March, just fourteen years old. The family wrote on Facebook: ‘Last Sunday, after we had discovered that Wimer was suffering from a colic attack, we instantly took him to the animal clinic in Wolvega. After a long, but successful operation Wimer seemed to be improving bit by bit over the next few days. But unfortunately, last night disaster struck and Wimer quickly deteriorated. We were left with no other option but to let him go.’

Second chance

In 2007 Albert Minkema purchased colt foal Winfried from breeder De Haan in Stiens. At the Stallion Inspection the Jury members said goodbye to the young stallion in the Second Viewing. Albert Minkema and his brother Sybren competed the stallion in driven sports as well as under saddle and the Hinne 427 son was entered for the second chance. With scores of 80 points or higher for all disciplines the good-looking Winfried was approved in 2010 as Wimer 461, the first approved son for Hinne 427.

Nane 492

During the Performance Test the stallion’s mentality and character caught the eye and these characteristics were also passed on to his offspring. The sons and daughters by Wimer 461 that were tested by the Jury members were described in the report as ‘without exception very pleasant horses’. In 2017 Wimer 461 moved stables to Stud Station Gaasterland where Hendrik Eppinga took over the reins. Wimer 461 has produced excellent sport horses, especially for in-harness work. His most famous descendant being the approved son from his first crop: Nane 492.

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