Dedmer 519 to Mexico and Erryt 488 Sport to the USA

KFPS stud stallions Dedmer 519 (Alwin 469) and Erryt 488 Sport (Meinse 439) will continue their career on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The five year old Dedmer 519 will have his home base at Finca Sanro in Mexico and the thirteen year old Erryt 488 will call Rancho MC in Texas, USA his home.

Perfect spot

Owner of Dedmer 519, Tsjalling de Boer of Stal fan de Kadyk, has a good feeling about the young stallion’s new home. ‘Dedmer can meet his new owners needs perfectly. He will be located at a great stable, will continue his sports career and give his new owners lots of beautiful offspring’. The stallion sired by Alwin 469 has a great pedigree which made him popular with the Dutch breeders but he couldn’t meet the demand. The small scale breeding in Mexico suits Dedmer well, he will become the first KFPS studbook stallion in the Latin-American country. The stallion won’t be shown at the Stallion Inspection anymore this weekend as he’s already in quarantine : ‘Of course it’s a shame that such a great horse won’t be able to show himself this weekend but it’s very understandable that his new owners want to start with him as soon as possible’.

Erryt has a ‘Big Neck’

Erryt 488 Sport fits the bill for the Texan breeders according to Gaatze Bosma from the stallion’s current home Hengstenhouderij Bosma. ‘They prefer baroque and tough stallions, they want a big neck!’. Erryt will show during the Stallion Inspection this weekend but will leave shortly after for his new home, so he can be of use this breeding season in the USA. It isn’t very hard for Gaatze to say goodbye because he will personally drop off the stallion in Texas if the corona-restrictions let him. ‘I believe that’s a nice way to say goodbye. Erryt has always given us his best, nice offspring and he deserves the best so the fact that Horse Service International is facilitating this for us, is amazing’.

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