Diesel Arent 515 seizes Youngster Title

Arent 515 KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2023 © DigiShots


January 14, 2023
Arent 515 KFPS Stallion Inspection 2023 © DigiShots

With a strong hind leg and ever more beautiful action of the foreleg, Arent 515 briskly trotted to the Champion Title Younger Stallions. Herre 524 became – with lots of schwung – the Reserve Champion.

Herre 524 KFPS Stallion Competition 2023 © Digishots

Such amazing quality the younger stallions showed, but that also made it a ‘very tough job’, is how Sabien Zwaga summed up the Championship Younger Stallions. ’It’s not just about conformation and trot, but also about breeding type, legwork and the walk. The one excels in walk, another in conformation. One performed better in the morning, others performed constantly throughout the day….’

Diesel Arent 515 on full steam

In the Champion ring the battle was on between Arent 515, who like a true diesel gained steam in the last rounds with ever more beautiful action of the legs, and Herre 524. Herre 524, as the 2022 Champion, had come to defend his Title and he convinced with a strong as well as constant performance full of cadence.

Power, bravura and youthfulness

The power shown by Gosse 526, the – every step a hit – by Jimte 533, Hildwin 528’s bravura, there was a bounty of choice. There was the good-looking appearance of Auwert 514, and ultimately nine fine stallions entered the arena to vie for the Champion Title Younger Stallions.
Tjebbe 500 radiated youthfulness, Foeke 520 impressed with a strong presentation, Hildwin 528 with his macho appearance, and then there was Jimte 533 who performed very constantly. All fine young stallions, but the form of the day was the winning factor. This Saturday Arent 515 and Herre 524 were the ones who had this form.


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