Doaitsen 420 has passed away

Doaitsen 420 (Foto Cally Matherly)

January 19, 2021
Doaitsen 420 (Photo Cally Matherly)

Today, news reached us that Doaitsen 420 has died, aged twenty. During the past seven years he was based at the Page Family’s Maddis Friesian Ranch in the United States.

Popular with the breeders

Doaitsen 420 was born in the United States in Klaas and Mares Vanderploeg’s yard, as a son of Wander 353 and Wieke van Schuilenburg Model Preferent Performance (Reitse 272) from pedigree 163. Klaas Vanderploeg sent his stallion to the Netherlands where, following his approval, he came to stand stud at The Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren. The magnificent Doaitsen 420 was incredibly popular with breeders. In his peak year 2009, the year when he made it to Overall Reserve Champion at the Stallion Inspection, he serviced more than 400 mares.


His sons and daughters do well at inspections and in the sport, so Doaitsen 420 was permanently approved on offspring. In breeding Doaitsen 420 has had a positive influence on exterior and movement. He has however, also gained something of a reputation as a sire of horses with not always very easy-going characters. In 2013 Doaitsen 420 was relocated back to the United States where he came to stand stud at the Maddis Friesian Ranch of the Page Family in Gardnerville, Nevada and became stable mates with Andries 415. Doaitsen 420 leaves behind four approved stallions: Bene 467, Gerben 479, Sake 449 and Sjouke 453.


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