Doeke fan Berltsum: Quincy H.’s showpiece

Grand Prix horse Doeke fan Berltsum (Olgert 338) competes internationally with his rider Patricia Mannaerts and that makes him a figurehead for Friesian horses in the sport. Patricia bought the stallion as a 4-year-old and was convinced he would develop into a good dressage horse. ‘Because he’s very good at bringing his hindquarters under the body with great gusto, which makes higher-level dressage work easy for him.’

The stallion was bred by Minne Schiphof from Berltsum out of the famous Crown Jewel Quincy H. Star Preferent Performance (Olof 315). This mare is turning 24 next year and if all goes well she’ll give birth to a fine foal by Teun 505. ‘She’s still very fit, became pregnant at the first try and basically, is at her best when she’s in foal again’, we learn from Minne, who first asked his veterinarian for advice if breeding another foal from Quincy would be responsible or not. ‘That would be her 18th foal and foal number eleven to be born at our place’, says Minne, disclosing that the offspring the mare has produced in his yard are all Star or higher. ‘Every stallion match turns into a success. Mostly I prefer stallions with front and class because that is something she needs. If such a stallion happens to pass on a little less on movement that is not an issue. Quincy’s offspring are all fantastic movers.’
‘Doeke continues to grow in his role of Grand Prix horse’, Patricia explains. ‘He’s fairly sensitive but is getting older and more sensible’, she describes her stallion. Earlier he was prone to being distracted by the other horses and would respond to tension. That has much improved now and is also reflected in the test results.’
The ‘Fan Berltsum’ breeding has left such a strong impression on Patricia that she now also has a cousin of Doek in her stables. ‘He is Doeke’s successor’, she assures us. ‘Tanco has that same quality to bring the hind leg strongly under the body. He’s only six but already responding well to a little piaffe and passage.’ The Star son by Epke 474 comes out of Wobkje Star Preferent (Onne 376), one of Quincy’s daughters.
Patricia’s yard houses four stallions which she all – just like Doeke – plans to compete in the Grand Prix and who are capable of standing up to the warmblood horses. ‘Such a Friesian horse needs to have something special, and Doeke has what it takes. I will never sell him. He is such a marvellous horse, he stays for ever.’

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