Doom and Gloom?

Soon, the new Phryso with a wide range of subjects will plop on your doormat. Something for everyone I’d say, sport and breeding, in the shape of interviews, articles and interesting background stories as well. But it’s lots more fun to read it all yourselves in the Phryso. You’ll find the most beautiful foal picture on the cover, an initiative from the KFPS and YoungKFPS. Our request produced so many photos that the middle page is also filled with cute and fine foal snapshots.

Just a little while now and we’ll be immersed in the inspection season, so we can gear up to enjoy all those Friesian horses brushed and groomed down to a T. And of course we can all meet up to talk about sport and breeding and everything else that’s going on with our horses. The Board meanwhile, is dealing with many issues to make sure that the KFPS will continue to meet all requirements of national and international legislation. And above all, to keep looking for improvements for the benefit of our members and their horses.

Animal welfare is and remains a key focal point, (also for the outer circle), that deserves our attention. Sometimes, when I see the kind of things that appear on Social Media, I realise we still have a long way to go in the communication to lovers of Friesian horses. Misunderstandings, public perception, you name it. It feels almost like we ought to call every individual to tell them about all that is already ongoing. Actions done by you, breeders and keepers of Friesian horses, by the people at the office, our officials and by us, the Board. So occasionally it feels rather frustrating to be confronted with: ‘They do absolutely nothing to improve the health of the Friesian horse’. Whereas we are all fulltime and in all transparency working hard on all that, all in the interest of our wonderful horse breed.

Doom and Gloom? No way, let’s straighten our backs and get on with it. Let’s not be afraid of friction: after all, there’s no polish without friction. No need to say that we are continuing to make the most of the knowledge and input of our members. Something that’s an integral part of it all, is treating each other with respect. That’s the best way to success and also brings the most results. Most important of all: enjoying our gorgeous horses together, from foal to senior. No matter whether you are an official or staff member, Jury member, participant or somebody in the audience, I wish you all a fantastic inspection season!

Tineke Schokker-Strampel

Chairwoman KFPS

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