Eibert 419 and Olgert 445 have died

Eibert 419

Shortly after each other, KFPS stallions Eibert 419 and Olgert 445 died on February 28th and March 1st respectively. Both belonged to pedigree 44.

Eibert 419: from pedigree 44

Eibert 419 was born in J.G.M. Kloppenberg´s yard in Dalfsen on the 1st of March 2001. He was the youngest of the two approved sons by Preferent Folkert 353. His dam was a Studbook mare by Preferent Reitse 272. Via Star mares by respectively Lammert 260 and Keimpe 261 we find the mare Dientje Star, who is a full sister of Preferent Wessel 237 from pedigree 44.
Even though Eibert 419 had a fine hereditary profile for both exterior as well as sport aptitude, his influence has been fairly modest. This can probably be blamed on the fact that, especially in his early years, he was definitely overshadowed by the eye-catching Doaitsen 420 and Dries 421 from the same year collection. For the largest part of his active stud career Eibert 419 was stationed at the Jellesma stallion station in Rotstergaast. In 2015 he was relocated to the station of the Van der Weide family in Ansen where he died at the age of nearly 18. Eibert 419 leaves 60 Star offspring, including 7 with the Crown and 1 with the Model predicate. Five of his offspring have acquired the Sport predicate.

Olgert 445: show driving genes and success in dressage

Olgert 445 was born in J. van ’t Ende´s yard in Wezep on the 19th of March 2004. Olgert 445 was the only son of the by now 29-year-old Ulke 338, the stallion who still ranks as the horse with the highest earnings in show driving sports. With more prominent show driving horses featuring in his dam line he seemed predestined for this discipline. Although he certainly has quite a commendable history in carriage driving he achieved his greatest successes in dressage sports at Grand Prix level. Olgert 445, just like Eibert 419, stems from pedigree 44. The 7th dam in Olgert 445´s mare line and the 8th dam behind Eibert 419 are one and the same mare: the Model Preferent Daetke (Obscurant 150), born in 1944. Olgert 445´s dam was a Star mare by Hearke 254 son Atse 342, while his granddam is the well-known Model Double Preferent Performance mare Elbricht (Oege 267).

Seven Sport offspring

Aged four, Olgert 445 was approved in 2008 with excellent marks, including a formidable 92 points for the show driving test. With 25% his Star percentage can be considered as fairly standard, a total of 20 offspring have become Star. Rather more noteworthy are his offspring´s results in dressage sports. From the so far seven offspring with the Sport certificate three are quite successful in the Light Tour. In 2013 Olgert 445´s son Fonger 478 was approved, who (also with Elbricht in the dam line) is a product of line breeding.

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