Eise 489 in the same league as Maurus 441

Eise 489 wint op het CH Lunteren, met Jelmer Chardon (Foto: Johanna Faber)

It´s a fact now! Eise 489 has emulated the performances of Maurus 441. Both KFPS stallions have succeeded four times running to be the best stallion in a class with a four-wheel show carriage. At the 11th edition of the CH Lunteren on Saturday the 11th of May, Eise 489 once again showed himself at his best.

Peaking at the right moment

‘This is so great. We have quietly worked towards this and really wanted him to peak today,’ says Jelmer Chardon ‘We took him to a number of stallion shows, also in the long lines and continued his training at home. Don´t think it comes to us naturally, we definitely have to make the effort,’ he laughs. ‘Eise gave me a super good feeling just now. He went so well. It makes me look forward to the next season even more. It´s probably going to be quite a close call again. In the past period we have been terribly busy back home building the new stable block, with the young stallions and the stallion station so I hadn´t planned many events. But after today I´m considering to take another look at the competition calendar to find out if there are any more interesting events. I find it quite unique to have such a horse. People enjoy seeing him, I enjoy it so it would be a waste to keep a horse like that in the stable.’

Siert 499 second

Eise 489 beat Wylster 463, Rommert 498 and Siert 499, the latter came in second place with Age Okkema holding the reins. Siert 499 was a bit stronger in the hindquarters than Wylster 463. Rommert 498 ended in fourth place and also showed himself really well with lots of reach in front but he needs slightly more elevation in posture.


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