Elegant Kyra Preliminary Crown (Jehannes 484) wins in Brickeln

De kampioenen van de keuring van Brickeln: Kyra fan 'e Herdershoeve Voorlopig Kroon (Jehannes 484 x Stendert 447) en Baukje vom Schladitzer See Ster AA (Jasper 366 x Loadewyk 431) beiden van Sebastian Schiller, Schkeuditz


August 22, 2022
The Champions of the Brickeln inspection: Kyra fan ‘e Herdershoeve Preliminary Crown (Jehannes 484 x Stendert 447) and Baukje vom Schladitzer See Star AA (Jasper 366 x Loadewyk 431), both owned by Sebastian Schiller, Schkeuditz.
After a Star first premium and promotion to Preliminary Crown the 3-year-old Kyra fan ‘e Herdershoeve (Jehannes 484 x Stendert 447) also won the title of Breeding Day Champion in Brickeln, Germany, on Monday August the 22nd. Alongside her she found her 6-year-old stable mate Baukje vom Schladitzer See Star AA (Jassper 366 x Loadewyk 431) as her Reserve Champion.
The Champion mare with runner Erwin Spliethof and owner Sebastian Schiller

It was a small but select inspection in Brickeln, in northern Germany. Enjoying the fine weather, Jury members Sabien Zwaga, Ester Reen and Dik Brummel inspected just under twenty horses and foals. In the category of 3-year-olds only one mare came into the ring but she earned herself the maximum rewards. The elegant and modern type Kyra fan ‘e Herdershoeve was awarded a first premium. The breed-typical mare, bred by the Herder family from Wijnjewoude, went through the ring with light-footed movement. With her active walk and good use of the hind leg in trot she also won herself the Preliminary Crown predicate and the Overall Champion Title.

Baukje’s abundant feathers

In the 6-year-old Star mares another mare owned by Sebastian Schiller appeared in the ring. Baukje vom Schladitzer See Star AA caught the eye with her luxurious feathers, good forehand, but she lacked a bit of strength in the back. In movement she upgraded herself with her strong walk and a trot with a powerful hind leg and fine use of the foreleg. She was rewarded with a first premium but for further promotion to Preliminary Crown she fell slightly short in conformation. But she did go home with the rosette for being Reserve Champion.

Two Preliminary Star, one Studbook mare Star

In the 4-year-old and older Foalbook mares, two received the Preliminary Star predicate. Baukje M. (Epke 474 x Teunis 332) and Greetje von Brickelnfeld (Maurus 441 x Tsjerk 328) convinced in conformation, Baukje showed a good walk, but in trot they both moved in a somewhat high rhythm. ‘They can still become Permanent Star after successful completion of an aptitude test’, Head of Jury Sabien Zwaga explained. The 5-year-old Emely von Brickelnfeld (Gerben 479 x Tsjerk 328) also won herself a promotion. She showed a noble head, a little bit of an under-neck and good conformation. In her, though roomy trot, she must learn to move a little bit more through her body. Her walk is regular and active and that won her a Star.

Foal Champions Tjomme and Tjara

In the foal categories there were two orange rosettes and these two also became the champions. Champion colt foals was Tjomme von Brikelnfeld (Jouwe 485 x Jorn 430), owned by Marco and Sandra Strufe. In the filly foals the title was for Susan Winter’s Tjara von Winter (Omer 493 x Jouwe 485).

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