Emotions and business don’t go together. This statement is an absolute fact, but emotions are definitely an element of our Studbook. They are in fact very important, because that is what distinguishes us from others. Whether it’s the birth of a foal, success at the inspection or rather the opposite, or a seething Stallion Inspection in the WTC: emotions play a vital part in our Society.

Emotions also played a part when we needed to take the decision to end our cooperation with Harrie Draaijer and our Director Ids Hellinga within a short time frame. Despite all good intentions this couldn’t be helped, for Harrie has worked as a volunteer for our Studbook for nearly forty years, almost thirty years as an inspector. Harrie: always uncomplicated, correct and friendly to everybody and above all, competent. And Ids, the fast thinker, the lateral thinker who leaves footprints like no one else does. He was the driving force behind enforcing progress in breeding. He for one, initiated the introduction of various researches and genetic tests.

And yet, it’s time for change, not in the last place with a view to protecting these two capacities. Triggered by the commotion within our Studbook there has been, rightly or wrongly, lots of criticism and comments in recent months and years. But the new and rapidly evolving times require new solutions and structures. For the future we are planning to leave the organisation of the Society to a General Manager. The exact job description has not been put to paper yet but this person will not primarily deal with breed-technical matters. That will be the task of the Manager K&O who, more than before, will be responsible for all breeding matters, performance tests and the entire goings-on of the inspection year. In our opinion, this manager should be the person to lead the Jury and Inspection. We are presently focusing on organising our activities for a good inspection season. The highlight will be preparing for the Central Inspection, Covid policies permitting. As it stands now, the Central Inspection will not take place in Drachten this year but at a different location in Friesland.

Additionally, we are working to organise licenses in the foreign countries so that we can keep up our service levels for our foreign members. As you can see, we have a lot to do. We need your support.

Detlef Elling
Interim Chairman KFPS

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