Everything you need to know about the Central Mare Inspection 2021

Just a few weeks to go and then the moment is there: the Central Mare Inspection 2021!
In the previous year we had to do without this event, but this year it is definitely going ahead. The best-looking Friesian horses are going to put in an appearance at Manege Gaasterland in Harich between the 15th and 18th of September, with on Saturday inspections taking place in three rings to make sure everything runs smoothly. And there’s more you don’t want to miss:

* the Friday afternoon sport matinee starting 15.00 hrs, including the finals of the Pavo Fryso Cup
* on Friday the New Members’ Day chock-a-block with clinics
* on Saturday showdriving classes
* free entrance for all

Click here for the pdf of the programme on 15-16-17 and 18 September

Visitors are welcome at this outdoor event, although we have to keep an eye on the continuation of prevailing Corona measures and ensuing conditions.

Box reservations

At Manege Gaasterland boxes can be booked for the CI. Reservations can be sent in by completing the following form: Registration form boxes CK 2021 and via this link on the KFPS website.

Sponsoring and VIP

There appears to be room for a small VIP area in Harich. Anyone who is interested can make a reservation with the form below. The same form can be used by sponsors who wish to reserve a place on the boarding for their company and/or space in the shopping village. Please feel welcome!

Click here for the reservation form for advertising-boarding-VIP arrangement-shopping villagestrodorp

Foals and horses from foreign countries: registering via MYKFPS

Owners of foals that have received a first premium are requested to enter their foals for the CI via MyKFPS. Contrary to the other first-premium horses, this does not take place automatically because there is a possibility that foals have already been weaned. At the CI the foal has to be accompanied by his/her dam. Owners of horses from foreign countries who have earned a ticket to the CI are also requested to enter their horses via MyKFPS. This does not apply to the Pavo Fryso Cup, the selected combinations will receive an invitation. Registering can take place up to and including August the 29th.

Hotel reservations

People who are looking for accommodation facilities in the vicinity of Harich: here is a list of possibilities in the region:
Hotel Jans, Rijs
Hotel van der Valk, Emmeloord
Hotel Boschlust, Oudemirdum
Hotel Gaasterland, Rijs
De Groene Parel, minicamping en appartementen, Harich
Huize Goede Reede, appartementen, Oudemirdum

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